USA Today - Aug 1 2020

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Clues Answers
'Little Woods' actress Thompson TESSA
'RuPaul's Drag Race' headpiece TIARA
'Woe is me!' ALAS
'___ Liaisons dangereuses' LES
'___ on That Beat (TZ Anthem)' JUJU
Additional tries REDOS
Alloy that might be stainless STEEL
Anais Nin specialty EROTICA
Ancient Roman costume TOGA
Big stock event (Abbr.) IPO
Bit of sports data STAT
Blender setting PUREE
Body of water in 'The Prince of Egypt' REDSEA
Bridge with a road under it OVERPASS
Cafeteria carrier TRAY
Coffee shop amenity, often WIFI
Concept in Chinese philosophy TAO
Contents of el mar AGUA
Cook over high heat SEAR
Dances like Eleanor Powell TAPS
Dark 'n' stormy booze RUM
Deep cut GASH
Deg. with an ethics component MBA
Escorted USHERED
Ferrari model whose name translates to 'redhead' TESTAROSSA
Fish with a nasty bite PIRANHA
For each PER
Front's opposite REAR
Fruit in a Newton FIG
Gait between a walk and a canter TROT
Get out of EVADE
Grown-up acorns OAKS
Have a snack EAT
Have a snack NOSH
Having a slim lead UPONE
Honda's luxury brand ACURA
Hot mess SNAFU
Identifying neckwear DOGTAGS
In general ASARULE
Clues Answers
Journal overseers (Abbr.) EDS
Label for new items in a store JUSTARRIVED
Lend a hand AID
Magnum ___ OPUS
Make a modest beginning STARTSMALL
Mannerly fellow, for short GENT
Maple tree ooze SAP
Musical 'don't play' symbol REST
Necessary item MUSTHAVE
Notion IDEA
Ocelot, for example CAT
Outshine the rest EXCEL
Partner of beyond ABOVE
Pig Latin 'nope' IXNAY
Place for learning ACADEMY
Poetic tribute ODE
Post-workout 'hot spot' SAUNA
Pre-deal bet ANTE
Quota for a rep SALESTARGET
Really remarkable EPIC
Series of items LIST
Singer found at the ends of five country names SIA
Small section of a map INSET
Smokey the Bear ad, e.g PSA
Soaked WET
Superman's birth name KALEL
Tabata training, e.g CARDIO
Takes to court SUES
Tech hidden in 'forward slash' DSL
Tiny amount BIT
Tiny amount TAD
Ump's relative REF
Up to now YET
Use crayons COLOR
Yes votes AYES
Zero, in tennis LOVE
___ Brothers ('Sucker' pop group) JONAS
___ Regency (hotel brand) HYATT
___ vaulting POLE
___-Wan Kenobi OBI