The Washington Post - Jun 17 2020

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Clues Answers
'Bam!' KAPOW
'Better Call Saul' actress Seehorn RHEA
'Not a creature was stirring' time EVE
'Take a load off' SIT
A, in German class EIN
Aggressive male gorilla, for one CHESTBEATER
Application file suffix EXE
Bend at the barre PLIE
Blood-typing letters ABO
Bogus offer SCAM
Calligrapher's tip NIB
Come __ standstill TOA
Consigliere's boss CAPO
Corkboard item TACK
Couple TWO
Crafts, in Sevilla ARTES
Crock-Pot dish STEW
Cry like a baby WAIL
DDE's WWII command ETO
Decide not to run KILL
Dickens' 'The Mystery of __ Drood' EDWIN
Donkey ASS
Drug used in microdosing therapies LSD
English major's field LITERATURE
Ensnared INATRAP
Farm output CROP
Former province of eastern Cuba ORIENTE
Future oaks ACORNS
Greenhouse vessel POT
H.H. Munro's pen name SAKI
Hasbro product TOY
Hawaiian coffee district KONA
Herbal brews TEAS
Irish actor Milo OSHEA
Israel's northern neighbor LEBANON
Jalopy found at the ends of four other long answers BUCKETOFBOLTS
Clues Answers
Jazz horn SAX
Levy put on heirs ESTATETAX
Like some pasta sauces MEATY
Magazine founder Eric UTNE
Male deliveries SONS
Many, many moons EONS
Microsoft search engine BING
Movie with gunslingers OATER
Next __: close relative OFKIN
One experiencing too much stress NERVOUSWRECK
Organic gardening staple COMPOSTHEAP
Part of a Swiss skyline ALP
Post-WWII alliance NATO
Prefix for a lifesaving 'Pen' EPI
Princess played by Lucy Lawless XENA
Seat of Pima County, Arizona TUCSON
Senate posts SEATS
Shipping need PACKINGCRATE
Shrill barks YAPS
Sighed lament AHME
Sign of healing SCAB
Slab on the grill SPARERIBS
So yesterday OUT
Stage legend Hagen UTA
Swiss abstractionist Paul KLEE
Tablets at a Genius Bar IPADS
Take in the sights TOUR
Texas ALer STRO
URL ending COM
Whoop it up PARTY
Word before or after pack RAT
WWII wolf pack unit UBOAT
__ Wednesday ASH
__-la-la TRA
__-relief BAS