The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27692

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Clues Answers
A saint corrupted, and saint becoming sinner? SATANIST
After tango, miss catching heel of cabaret singer TOMTIT
Around US state, Marxist stayed REMAINED
China: a little souvenir, a miniature turned up IMARI
Corn loaf good, far from soft? ear-splitting
Dummy run in a mo, using bombing IGNORAMUS
Fetid coloured liquid entering wound STINKING
Fifteen from London run without clothes SARACENS
Fruit lover NUT
Gift opened by the scoundrel, one for Gordon Bennett BOTHERATION
God inspired by prayer a lot PLETHORA
Greeting cat, who's barking WOTCHA
I, Adam? first person
Legitimate target in coconut shy, possibly? fair game
Clues Answers
Lighter and firm dip at the end of the day? SUNSET
Maximum taken in drink, spit it out! speak up
Middle of statue gilded, it's suggested — Cicero, say? ORATOR
Plastic fish COD
Preserved food appropriate after party CONFIT
Ready for a good turn, foul defender KICKBACK
Rock found in ideal pudding served up in restaurant TRATTORIA
Screw: one's sheared off FLEECE
So concerned with partner REALLY
Subject almost ripe then? TOPIC
Swine painting Henry, satirical cartoonist HOGARTH
Taper lit up, designed primarily for small explosive PETARD
Tea in angel's cup different — though in essence it's the same plus ca change
Type of course where golf played SANDWICH