Canadiana - Jun 15 2020

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Clues Answers
1994 movie starring 34 Down DUMBANDDUMBER
1995 movie starring 34 Down BATMANFOREVER
A snap EASY
Actress Thurmond UMA
Ampule VIAL
Andean nation PERU
Autry or Wilder GENE
Being Mr. Big LORDING
Canadian film star CARREY
Cereal grain OAT
Common hardwood OAK
Currency COINAGE
Daminozide ALAR
Disfigure MAR
Early gardener? ADAM
Epoch ERA
Evian or Lausanne SPA
Fashion magazine ELLE
Feel ill AIL
Foot part TOE
Frappe ICE
Friend, to Francois AMI
Frolic ROMP
Gear part COG
Guided LED
Hair style BUN
Harvest REAP
I told you so! AHA
Lady of Fr MME
Light source BULB
Clues Answers
Like a Shetland pony SMA
Loony tag-along TOON
Louse FLEA
Make do EKE
Male child SON
Man on the __ , 1999 movie with 34 Down MOON
Me Myself and ____, 2000 movie with 34 Down IRENE
Metis hero RIEL
Net weight TARE
Palm leaf paper OLLA
Plaints MOANS
Precious DEAR
Rascal IMP
Reign RULE
Relish BASK
Reverberation ECHO
Sever LOP
Sphere ORB
Suffix for expert ISE
The ____, 1994 movie starring 34 Down MASK
The____ Guy, 1996 movie starring 34 Down CABLE
Threesome TRIO
UK statute that created Canada BNA
Wager BET
Wind instrument OBOE
With 35 Across, a house-hold cleanser BON
Yea verily AMEN
Zounds! EGAD
____ Ventura, 1994 movie starring 34 Down ACE
_____ Ben Adhem ABOU