Family Time - Jun 15 2020

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Clues Answers
"1,001 ___" USES
"Dear ___ or Madam" SIR
"Fine with me" answer YES
"Hail" to Caesar AVE
"Hey, what's the big ___?" IDEA
A handshake may clinch it DEAL
A main direction EAST
Accessory for Frosty the Snowman PIPE
According to ALA
Acrobat catcher NET
Air pressure abbr. for tires PSI
Amount of laundry LOAD
Article that is used often THE
Bass guitar hookups AMPS
Bassoon part REED
Before birth PRENATAL
Bread slice type RYE
Bug on a hill ANT
Concludes ENDS
Eggs in old Rome OVA
Emulates Lindsey Vonn SKIS
Extreme suffix EST
Farmer's clothing OVERALLS
Felled, as a dragon SLEW
Fitting and proper APT
Flat tableland with steep edges MESA
Food for birds SEEDS
Girls, informally GALS
Human's breathing apparatus LUNG
Icon that represents a real person AVATAR
In a good lookout position ATOP
In no need of straightening NEAT
Join the Army ENLIST
Clues Answers
Large part of the population MEN
Less than a min SEC
Magazine inserts ADS
Man-made river walls LEVEES
Mineral deposits ORES
Mountain climbers' challenges ALPS
Number of terms a US president can serve TWO
Nut with caffeine KOLA
On the Indian Ocean ASEA
Palindromic parent DAD
Palm fruit DATE
Peanut butter-jelly filler? AND
Place to take a nap BED
Plural of torus TORI
Small argument SPAT
Spherical vegetable PEA
Stimulus aftermath REACTION
Suffer extreme hunger STARVE
Swerves in one's yacht YAWS
They hang together PALS
They may bug you PESTS
Thin, muscular and resilient WIRY
Thing you can fill with dirt HOLE
Tiny bit that can be split ATOM
Twiddling one's thumbs IDLE
U-turn from hate LOVE
Unite metals WELD
W preceder VEE
Watch chain FOB
Wilderness at the edge of a settled area FRONTIER
Word after "rest" or "restricted" AREA
Works as a stevedore LADES
___ Francisco 49ers SAN
___ up (gets savvy) WISES