- Jun 15 2020

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Clues Answers
''Go ahead, ask'' TRYME
''Sad to say . . .'' ALAS
''Without further __ . . .'' ADO
''__ you kidding me?'' ARE
Almond or cashew NUT
An hour after noon ONE
Apartment payment RENT
Aroma ODOR
Ascends RISES
Barbecue residue ASH
Be defeated LOSE
Biblical paradise EDEN
Burrito's shell TORTILLA
Calorie-rich cake TORTE
Chemist's room LAB
Christmas mo DEC
Cloaks waved by bullfighters CAPES
Compete at an auction BID
Cook too much OVERDO
Demolished, with ''down'' TORE
Depend (on) RELY
Dry as a desert ARID
Entryway DOOR
Entryway through a fence GATE
Everyday household tasks CHORES
Female choral voice ALTO
Fire truck's sound SIREN
Fruit in a Greek salad OLIVE
Full group in a sedan CARLOAD
Government agents, for short FEDS
Helper in relocating MOVER
Hill-building insect ANT
Holder for a painting FRAME
Ideally ATBEST
Ignited again RELIT
Jogger's gait TROT
Joint covered by a sock ANKLE
Kid's racing vehicle GOCART
Large primates APES
Clues Answers
Like very much ADORE
Makes a getaway ESCAPES
Minor fender bump DENT
Nebraska city OMAHA
Newborn horse FOAL
Not at all thick THIN
Oaks and maples TREES
Office assistant AIDE
Performer up high with good balance TIGHTROPEWALKER
Performer who might burn her mouth FIREEATER
Performer with big cats LIONTAMER
Person cast in a movie ACTOR
Place to pitch a tent CAMP
Playful trick ANTIC
Plopped into a chair SAT
Prefix for bus meaning ''all'' OMNI
Quick haircut TRIM
Readily apparent OVERT
Short-lived trend FAD
Shreds RIPS
Slip up ERR
Songs sung by two DUETS
Standing very straight ERECT
Suffix for luncheon ETTE
Swedish furniture chain IKEA
That guy's HIS
Tuxedo's collar fold LAPEL
Two-dot punctuation mark COLON
Typeface FONT
Use a coffee machine BREW
Use a steam iron on PRESS
Valentine's Day emotion LOVE
Wear away ERODE
Western defense alliance NATO
Woman in 57 Down EVE
Workout coaches TRAINERS
Zoo enclosures CAGES
__ out a living EKE
__de Janeiro RIO