The Sun - Two Speed - Jun 15 2020

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Clues Answers
Asked for drinks neat ORDERED
Bad thing to rock this gravy dish BOAT
Cabinet material perhaps seen in wine club ROSEWOOD
Choral work in prison farewell CANTATA
Chosen people in SAGE lectured ELECT
Close to the centre INNER
Commanded ORDERED
Cut diamonds, diamonds, diamonds DICED
Cut into cubes DICED
Deep shadow UMBRA
Dirt particles DUST
Do housework, check for prints DUST
Drying cloth TEATOWEL
EC in time to disintegrate DECAY
Emperor in trouble with king on M1 MIKADO
Enormous HUGE
European royal house BOURBON
Exclusive meal without starter INNER
Feline weight OUNCE
Fool traps European in lift HEAVE
French royal biscuit BOURBON
Gin variety in city vessel BATHTUB
Japanese ruler MIKADO
Key rings forbidden by custom TABOO
Left one like cat in escape option LIFELINE
Clues Answers
Liz poorly inside accommodation BILLET
Loving a room designed by us AMOROUS
Make-believe PRETEND
Mammoth embrace with ogre at last HUGE
Military lodging BILLET
New consumer more elegant NEATER
One hears the French hiding mad ghoul LUGHOLE
Passionate AMOROUS
Poison sarnie upset Charlie ARSENIC
Posh MBA keeps rupees in dark place UMBRA
Pressure on nurse to fake it PRETEND
Putrefaction DECAY
Rope used in rescue LIFELINE
Snow leopard OUNCE
Storm finished, pass without harm BLOWOVER
Timber like mahogany ROSEWOOD
Tittle-tattle GOSSIP
Toxic element ARSENIC
Try small drink producing gas GOSSIP
Tudor monarch MARY
Unmentionable TABOO
Vessel BOAT
Vocal piece CANTATA
Vote into office ELECT
Washing fixture BATHTUB
We ate lot, cooked this in kitchen TEATOWEL
Woman sends back Yankee butter MARY