Universal - Jan 23 2010

Clues Answers
"A Child's Christmas in Wales" author Thomas DYLAN
"I Never Promised ___ Rose Garden" YOUA
"If all ___ fails ..." ELSE
"One day ___ all make sense" ITLL
"Shrek" princess FIONA
"Take ___ Train" (Duke Ellington song) THEA
A bunch HEAPS
Acquire GET
Aesop's tale FABLE
Albanian coins LEKS
Anagram for "peas" APSE
Animal caught in the headlights DEER
Appreciated info for sales people LEADS
Bok choy's kin KALE
Boy Scout's creation SQUAREKNOT
Came in second PLACED
Cause of ruin BANE
Chopper's destination HELIPAD
Cockpit display DIALS
Collection of narrative poems EPOS
Compact disc, e.g. ALBUM
Connecting strips of land (Var.) ISTHMI
Dissuade DETER
Do agricultural work FARM
Dogpatch's Daisy ___ MAE
Drew blood from a fingertip PRICKED
Elegant and sumptuous LUXE
Et ___ (and others) ALIA
Female pronoun HER
Fine-grained silt LOESS
Had a stench STANK
Heavy satin PANNE
Illness that is a swell time? MUMPS
Keyboard users TYPISTS
Kodak Brownie, e.g. BOXCAMERA
Kublai and Genghis KHANS
Laboratory tube (Var.) PIPET
Last word of the Bible AMEN
Clues Answers
Letter from Greece RHO
Like Solomon WISE
Locale of Maxwell Smart's phone SHOE
Lurk in the shadows SKULK
Marching-band flutes FIFES
Mini computer program APPLET
Oscar who wrote "The Picture of Dorian Gray" WILDE
Ouida's "___ of Flanders" ADOG
Painting with crashing waves, maybe SEASCAPE
Pale and wan ASHY
Picks up the tab PAYS
Pig in ___ APOKE
Pronounced SAID
Psychic's letters ESP
Quickness contest RACE
Reason for a street closing BLOCKPARTY
Refines, as flour SIFTS
Rim hanger NET
Roman 71 LXXI
Seeing things as they are REALISM
Sine ___ non (essential thing) QUA
Start over from scratch REDO
Stores, as grain ENSILES
Temporary gift LOAN
Tenderized cut of beef CUBESTEAK
The Grand Ole ___ OPRY
They may involve looting RIOTS
Three-time speed skating gold medalist Karin ENKE
Three-toed ratite EMU
Tim who voices Buzz Lightyear ALLEN
Two-base hits (Abbr.) DBLS
Vehicle for one's last ride HEARSE
With deadly effect LETHALLY
Word on a dollar ONE
Young ballroom presentee DEB
___ pump (plumbing device) SUMP