The Washington Post Sunday - Jun 14 2020

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Clues Answers
'... as you would have them do ___ you' UNTO
'Atlas Shrugged' protagonist John GALT
'Emma' actress ___ Taylor-Joy ANYA
'Fat chance,' in dated slang NOSOAP
'Forbidden' fragrance TABU
'I ___ expecting that' WASNT
'I've gotta think ...' HMM
'Smoking or ___?' NON
'The Godfather Part II' antagonist Roth HYMAN
'The Problem With ___' (2017 film focusing on a 'Simpsons' character) APU
'This makes sense' IGETIT
'Wait a ___!' SEC
41 Down creator Ayn RAND
Alpaca herder of old INCA
Animals in Panthera conservation projects TIGERS
Animated singer of 'Into the Unknown' ELSA
Arizona city or sight MESA
Arizona setting of the Devil's Bridge Trail SEDONA
Arsonist's mode of transportation? BLAZERAIL
Art dealer van Gogh (Vincent's brother) THEO
Attention given to Mr. Magritte or Ms. Russo? RENEINTEREST
Baggage ___ CLAIM
Becky, to D.J., on 'Full House' AUNT
Berry farmer and amusement park founder Walter KNOTT
Bother, to the Bard ADO
Breakfast brand shown on 'Stranger Things' EGGO
Cancel NIX
Cellphone ringers ALARMS
Chauffeur's offering to a Wharton grad? MBARIDE
Chucky at the bottom of the ocean, e.g.? SUNKENDOLL
City near Chihuahua ELPASO
Comedian Conover ADAM
Completely flops FAILS
Condition affecting the bronchial tubes ASTHMA
Cruel ruler DESPOT
Cunning stratagems PLOYS
Currently current TRENDY
Did some field work HOED
Does as commanded OBEYS
Door sign word PULL
Dots in l'océan Atlantique, say ILES
Dushku of 'True Lies' ELIZA
Electricity generator DAM
ELO rocker Jeff LYNNE
Escape room item KEY
Exclamation that sounds like two letters OHGEE
Facial hair for the Dude in 'The Big Lebowski' GOATEE
Favorable feature ASSET
Feet in a sonnet IAMBS
Fellow headliner COSTAR
Fertility clinic cells OVA
Fighting a fever, say ILL
Figure on a film set ACTOR
Find detestable ABHOR
Flower associated with Aphrodite ROSE
Form-forming org IRS
From Doha QATARI
Gabor of 'Green Acres' EVA
Game point? ARCADE
Garden seen in the Fall EDEN
Gone, as from base AWOL
Hair product handled by the devil? SATANGEL
Happy hour records TABS
Having accepted the outcome, say OVERIT
Heads downhill fast SKIS
Hemoglobin deficiency ANEMIA
Henner of 'Evening Shade' MARILU
Honor for an athlete ESPY
In an aimless way IDLY
Ink smudge BLOT
Inspiration for an artist MUSE
Instrument featured in a Ralph Vaughan Williams concerto OBOE
Itzcoatl's subjects AZTECS
Jazz pianist Chick COREA
Clues Answers
Largest branch of Islam SUNNI
Like sodium-rich foods SALTY
Looking terrified ASHEN
Made up of three parts TRIUNE
Make tweaks to ALTER
Mover and shaker? QUAKE
Moving day vehicle VAN
Mr. Mineo's amazed? SALSAWED
Naming, for short IDING
Night school subj ESL
Not live TAPED
One rebelling against injustice, perhaps RIOTER
One sharing secrets SPY
Opposite of illicit LEGAL
Organizational branches ARMS
Oscar-winning actress Paquin ANNA
Otter's playful way of entering the water, say? FRISKYDIVING
Out of battery power DEAD
Outward appearance GUISE
Palindromic man's name OTTO
Palindromic man's name ASA
Part of a neuron AXON
Part of, as a joke INON
Partake of parsnips, say EAT
Pec neighbor DELT
Piece of an orange peel ZEST
Playwright Eugene ONEILL
Pleasing, as pizza TASTY
Preachy primates? SERMONAPES
Prizes at the beginning of strip poker? BELTSTAKES
Pronto ASAP
Puts forth questions ASKS
Raven's fan? POE
Reach the highest level TOPOUT
Really rile IRK
Reason for spinning EDDY
Recruiting org NCAA
Resident of the 'Cradle of Polynesia' SAMOAN
Rickey liquor for the righteous? VIRTUEGIN
Rise like a raven SOAR
Ruby Mountains locale NEVADA
See 60 Across AGE
Shindig in Salamanca FIESTA
Showing discomfort UNEASY
Sister of Jan and Cindy Brady MARCIA
Site that sells handmade handbags ETSY
Sites for scrubs, briefly ORS
Small section of DNA GENE
Solution for making highlights DYE
Some Pro Bowl linemen? BESTENDS
Some squirrel homes ELMS
Standard of excellence IDEAL
Stay fresh KEEP
Stroke in some fonts SERIF
Subsides, at the shore EBBS
Surly mood SNIT
Tail movements WAGS
Tic-tac-toe squares, e.g NONET
Time spent in prison? CONSTINT
University whose students are renowned for their brilliance? SHINESTATE
URL conclusion, often COM
Venues for Lara Croft TOMBS
Vietnamese leader? VEE
View SEE
Warm embrace from Ernie's roommate? BERTHUG
Whizzed along TORE
Winner's feeling GLEE
Winner's prize GOLD
With 65 Down, retirement period OLD
[There's an intruder] GRR
___ Dhabi ABU
___ of Sauron (gazing symbol for Tolkien) EYE
___ of service TERMS
___ Today USA