The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,388 - Jun 12 2020

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Clues Answers
Arbitrator acceptable for head of large organisation UMPIRE
Arranges classes in society ORDERS
Artist goes missing from mobile home in Irish county CAVAN
Assess time sat working on end of puzzle ESTIMATE
Body established by Princess Anne having alternative informal title? CHASSIS
Charming woman that tests consumer products on the radio WITCH
Comedy occasion contains unlimited smut, on reflection HUMOUR
Continues to provide financial support for offspring KEEPSON
Drink before card game contributing to final defeat? WATERLOO
Gullible character gets taken in by young men, extortionists Bloodsuckers
Isle's receiving investment, primarily in electricity supply perhaps MAINS
Notorious home recognised by many INFAMOUS
Number of years below average adult spent in household MENAGE
Painful inflammation in shoulders; it is rubbing when turning round BURSITIS
Clues Answers
Poor of America leaving country HUNGRY
Projects one's personality over questionable date with Simon DOMINATES
Put on music that epitomises Ireland SHAMROCK
Remained steady after a wobble STAYED
Reprimand Surrey captain over loftily dropping openers SCOLD
Same bird seen regularly, it rises above California IDENTICAL
Subtle hints from public individuals OVERTONES
Their husbands are late, extra hands of cards? WIDOWS
Threat continued in a broadcast DENUNCIATION
TV presenter prompts report of traffic congestion? AUTOCUES
Type of group that might get under one's skin? SPLINTER
Ungulate roamed freely with no rain around DROMEDARY
Warning of cold front of Arctic temperature, including hail CAVEAT
When wine keeps cool, it can produce something mellow CLARINET