The Sun - Two Speed - Jun 12 2020

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Clues Answers
Amusing person to laugh uproariously SCREAM
Barbarian GOTH
Black cat runs for ball pitched short BOUNCER
Bright person led and shone SPARKLED
Chelsea at first up for trophy CUP
Coin aperture SLOT
Covering some Israeli dissident LID
Dress in WEAR
Drinking vessel CUP
Egg on some burgers URGE
Encourage URGE
Fish for trout ANGLE
Germanic invader offers perspective ANGLE
Glancing bullet RICOCHET
Glistened SPARKLED
If all else fails ATWORST
Important person BIGWHEEL
Introduction prior to stroll? PREAMBLE
Just right IDEAL
Lear on ice disastrous in Irish town COLERAINE
Life's like that CESTLAVIE
Londonderry location COLERAINE
Maybe girl in black secured husband GOTH
Meat product alas sent up M1 SALAMI
Clues Answers
Midlands city COVENTRY
Musical value MINIM
Naval rank ADMIRAL
Note lifted from employment cases MEMO
Note sent in either direction MINIM
One contract for model IDEAL
Piercing cry SCREAM
Pitt say wrong about Republican BRAD
Pot cover LID
Pressure church to keep gold architectural feature PORCH
Reminder MEMO
Respect endless a learner gives officer ADMIRAL
Right choice, wrong time to rebound RICOCHET
River Don WEAR
Small nail BRAD
Southern band in groove SLOT
Spicy sausage SALAMI
Starch grains TAPIOCA
That's life in French castle I've restored CESTLAVIE
Top CIA agent initially mixed pudding TAPIOCA
Two drunk with star in least favourable case ATWORST
Unrepresentative ATYPICAL
Unusual year in bustling capital ATYPICAL
Veranda PORCH
VIP doing rounds at fair? BIGWHEEL
Witches go where outcasts sent COVENTRY