The Guardian - Quick crossword No 15,631 - Jun 12 2020

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Clues Answers
The 'x' in x3 CUBEROOT
Antiquity RELIC
Baldie (informal) SLAPHEAD
Blooming? FLORAL
Drink made from West African beans ROBUSTACOFFEE
Extremely inactive BONEIDLE
Fizzy drink COLA
Gob (informal) CAKEHOLE
Gulf kingdom KUWAIT
Immediately at the beginning FROMTHEWORDGO
Kind of agate ONYX
Land for growing crops ARABLE
Clues Answers
Longest river in Spain EBRO
Meadow LEA
Pair DUO
Pendulous-flowered shrub FUCHSIA
Prickle THORN
Regardless of the price to pay ATANYCOST
River mouth ESTUARY
Roofed colonnade STOA
Seek the impossible ASKFORTHEMOON
Striped stick from Lancashire BLACKPOOLROCK
Very nice — coy elm (anag) LOVELY
Winter sporting device SNOWBOARD