The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8302

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Clues Answers
Agricultural establishment FARM
Baltic state national ESTONIAN
Colourful, ostentatious SHOWY
Common garden plant BEGONIA
Cut of chicken BREAST
Empty space VACUUM
Expression of gratitude thank you
First appearance DEBUT
Foolish, reckless MADCAP
Girl's name; plant ERICA
Hieronymus —, artist BOSCH
Idealistic reformer UTOPIAN
Clues Answers
Naval crewmember Submariner
Of little importance MINOR
Secure a vessel offshore drop anchor
Skin complaint ACNE
Spell of military duty TOUR
Spirit-making process DISTILLATION
Systematic approach to tasks ORGANISATION
User of machinery OPERATOR
Very small TINY
Woodland primula OXLIP