- Jun 9 2020

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Clues Answers
''Control your dog'' regulation LEASHLAW
''Darn it!'' DRAT
''How tough could __?'' ITBE
''I pass'' NOBID
''No warranty'' condition ASIS
''Oh, for Pete's __!'' SAKE
''Quiet!'' SHH
''This is terrible!'' OHNO
''¿Cómo __ usted?'' ESTA
1940s conflict, for short WWII
Apply, as pressure EXERT
Barge __ (disturb) INON
Being broadcast now ONTHEAIR
Bits in an apple core SEEDS
Bottomless chasm ABYSS
Call for help in old movies SAVEME
Case for a sword SHEATH
Chaotic brawl MELEE
Climb aboard GETON
Compress, informally SMUSH
Computer infection VIRUS
Contest for spellers BEE
Daddy PAPA
Details for a driver to follow Directions
Dice toss THROW
Drove fast SPED
Emerge from an egg HATCH
Emphasize STRESS
Felt unwell AILED
Finales ENDS
For men and women, as college sports COED
Front of the lower leg SHIN
Great Wall's country CHINA
Have fur fall out SHED
Horse-stopping shout WHOA
Inning-ending plays OUTS
Japanese raw fish SUSHI
Lasso loop NOOSE
Little troublemakers IMPS
Clues Answers
Long skirt MAXI
Lunch or dinner MEAL
Meal from a slow cooker STEW
Middays NOONS
Midnight to 1 a.m., for instance HOUR
Military uniform color KHAKI
Molars and fangs TEETH
More lofty HIGHER
Northern California peak SHASTA
Pancake shape DISK
Party thrower HOST
Plant deeply EMBED
Poke fun at TEASE
Political policy expert WONK
Race, as an engine REV
Recedes, as the tide EBBS
S&L cash dispensers ATMS
Scent detector NOSE
Sharp parts of knives EDGES
Slide on snow SKI
Tacked on ADDED
Take a break REST
Take the wheel STEER
Teachers' org NEA
Toward the Arctic NORTH
Twelfth of a foot INCH
U-turn from NNW SSE
Walk through puddles SLOSH
Westward, on a map LEFT
What Dorothy follows to Oz YELLOWBRICKROAD
What to follow from a counselor GOODADVICE
Where ''The Wizard of Oz'' begins KANSAS
Whitish gemstone OPAL
Worker's end-of-week shout TGIF
Ziti or spaghetti PASTA
__ Canaveral, FL CAPE
__ stick (bouncing toy) POGO
__-friendly software USER