The New Yorker - Jun 8 2020

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Clues Answers
Actor with two Best Adapted Screenplay nominations ETHANHAWKE
Aid when choosing sides MENU
Andy's romantic rival on "The Office" GABE
Athlete who starts at the top SKIER
Billie Jean King's portrayer in "Battle of the Sexes" EMMASTONE
Booby-prize recipient LOSER
Brightest star in Scorpius ANTARES
Cadges, as a smoke BUMS
City dubbed the Heart of Texas WACO
Condescend DEIGN
Cowboys Q.B. Tony ROMO
Davis Cup sport TEAMTENNIS
Double duty? SURTAX
Drove right into RAMMED
Drowsiness inducer OPIATE
Espionage formulations CODES
Favorable, as an outlook ROSY
Field for Jane Jacobs URBANISM
Furs symbolic of royalty ERMINES
Gambler's roll WAD
Group that makes a scene CAST
Hang around STAY
Hawaiian house feature LANAI
He wrote, " 'I Love Lucy' was never just a title" DESIARNAZ
Hopelessly muddled situations SNAFUS
Horizontal trellis PERGOLA
How Gregorian chant is sung ACAPPELLA
Humerus connection ULNA
In reality DEFACTO
Is a thing EXISTS
It might be on a roll SESAMESEED
K-1 World Grand Prix competitor KICKBOXER
Kept from scattering HERDED
Clues Answers
La Jolla's ___ Institute for Biological Studies SALK
Lacking ups and downs FLAT
Lao Tzu's guiding principle TAO
Like the Forbidden City's walls RED
Little Jackie Paper's magical pal of song PUFF
Loin cut TBONE
Massenet opera featuring "M├ęditation" THAIS
Metro-map circle STOP
Miss in a board game SCARLET
Nap site CRIB
Nullify UNDO
Of which Amundsen said, "The land looks like a fairy tale" ANTARCTICA
Old Renault model renamed for the American market LECAR
One logging in USER
Rockets, to a Hold'em player ACES
Sailor's waterproof hat SOUWESTER
Shorthand expert STENO
Showing a profit INTHEBLACK
Solicitous attention, for short TLC
Source of misery BANE
Starchy veggie SPUD
Steadily erode EATAWAY
Stimulate WHET
Stokes up FUELS
Stop working CALLITADAY
Story in a sermon, say PARABLE
StubHub purchases, briefly TIX
Take responsibility for OWN
Term for "assistant foreman" supposedly coined by farm workers STRAWBOSS
Throw for a loop FAZE
Time-saving abbr. for a bibliographer ETAL
Titular portal in a sci-fi show STARGATE
Work for Pixar, perhaps ANIMATE