Family Time - Jun 8 2020

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Clues Answers
"Calvin and ___" HOBBES
"It's ___ wonderful for words" TOO
"So, that's where they hid it!" AHA
907.185 kilograms TON
Acted as a guide LED
After-dinner treat PIE
Ali ___ of "The Arabian Nights" BABA
Already trimmed to size PRECUT
Art, in 2020 ARE
Backtalk SASS
Berets and baseball caps HATS
Bit of evidence of burning wood ASH
Brother of Jacob in the Bible ESAU
Car-maintenance job LUBE
Catalogued classical work OPUS
Chicken-based dish with ham and cheese CORDONBLEU
Common sealing material TAPE
Cousin of a human APE
Crankcase sediment SLUDGE
Criticism aimed at an easy target POTSHOT
Did some weed work HOED
Do some successful ballooning SOAR
Enemy in sports FOE
Folk wisdom LORE
Food tidbit for a horse OAT
Generous to a fault WASTEFUL
Give the go-ahead LET
Goes up RISES
Gym mat PAD
Hid away STASHED
Clues Answers
Important part of a bus schedule ROUTE
In the center of AMID
Infusing or filling completely SATURATING
Isn't able to CANT
It's dug HOLE
Kidnapper's demand RANSOM
Lacking companions LONE
Lawn mower need GAS
Light, creamy-colored gemstone OPAL
Like a burning log AFIRE
Looking down on? ATOP
Lousy egg? NIT
Make harmonious ATTUNE
Martial ___ ARTS
Massive coffee holder URN
Natty dresser FOP
Number for a band SONG
Owner of many rooms HOTELIER
Positive answer YES
Provide food for a mass gathering CATER
Requiring a microscope to see TINY
Short horn honk TOOT
Small type of terrier SKYE
Some heavenly beings ANGELS
Spur-of-the-moment vacation GETAWAY
Tenure TERM
That lass HER
Treat with three vowels OREO
Type of fish sandwich TUNA
U-turn from receive SEND
Without self-control AMOK