The Washington Post Sunday - Jun 7 2020

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Clues Answers
'Blech!' GROSS
'C'mon!' PSHAW
'Do your job!' GETONIT
'I feel that way too' SAME
'Kate & ___' ALLIE
'Nothing ___ net' BUT
'Thanks, Captain Obvious!' NODUH
'To Helen' by 52 Across, e.g ODE
'Wayne's World' producer Michaels LORNE
'Well, um ...' IMEAN
'Why Can't I?' singer Phair LIZ
'___ never guess!' YOULL
3-D med. scan MRI
Above water, fiscally SOLVENT
After that THEN
Apple jam holders? IPODS
Archery experts in Tolkien novels ELVES
Articles of Senate garb TOGAS
Artillery bursts SALVOS
Author who influenced steampunk VERNE
Bath bathroom LOO
Become liquid MELT
Brandy glass SNIFTER
Break away, as a state SECEDE
Bring into accord ATTUNE
Car whose sales were hurt by the Eisenhower recession EDSEL
Carrier that opened a route between Tel Aviv and Cairo in 1980 ELAL
Certain imam's title AGAKHAN
Chosen ___ ONES
Cleverly avoid EVADE
Confession beginning BLESSME
Consummate IDEAL
Copper alloy used in marine construction NAVALBRASS
Coup for Venus Williams ACE
Crime the Human Torch might stop, ironically ARSON
Cutting tool handled by a couple of people PITSAW
Deal with a spill MOP
Debunked claim LIE
Defeat narrowly EDGE
Designer Geoffrey BEENE
Directed a comment at SAIDTO
Disco singer Ward ANITA
Doorway piece JAMB
Dopey dog in panels ODIE
Encircles GIRDS
Expansive property ESTATE
Expends for no reason WASTES
Explorer who traveled to the Purple Planet in a 2005 video game DORA
Field work team GROUNDSCREW
Field work that's illustrated in this puzzle MOWINGTHELAWN
Foot Locker product SHOE
Funky chicken quality? ODOR
Gesture of agreement NOD
Green part of a field, or what cuts it (as also shown in the circled squares) BLADE
Grp. joined by North Macedonia in 2020 NATO
Handheld video game console with a dual-screen feature NINTENDODS
Hawthorne contemporary POE
Hijabs and niqabs, e.g VEILS
Hinge (on) RELY
Hirsute TV character ALF
Hurdle for a sr GRE
Hybrid of Roman myth FAUN
I, as in Ingolstadt ICH
In need of iron pills ANEMIC
In vitro fertilization cells OVA
Is idle on the couch, say LOAFS
Is of value to AVAILS
Island nation that's home to the Tarxien Temples MALTA
Key of 'Another Brick in the Wall (Pt. 2)' by Pink Floyd DMINOR
Clues Answers
LGBTQ entertainment and lifestyle magazine OUT
Like cassette tapes RETRO
Like some mobile data ROAMING
Like the 117 Across SHIITE
Little bit SPECK
Load bearer at home DRYER
Long stretch EON
Long stretch ERA
Marooning site ISLE
MC Ren's group NWA
Model Macpherson ELLE
Musical for which Elton John won a Tony AIDA
Musical for which Steve Kazee won a Tony ONCE
New Jersey borough across the Hudson from Manhattan FORTLEE
Nick of 'Nightwatch' NOLTE
Oceanographer Sylvia who was profiled in the Netflix documentary 'Mission Blue' EARLE
Octagon's octet SIDES
One in a 35 Across TOT
One of 139 in this puzzle CLUE
One of five human antibodies, so named for its epsilon chain IMMUNOGLOBULINE
Park sign directive KEEPOFFTHEGRASS
Peering into a crystal ball, say GAZING
Precursors of Humvees JEEPS
Pretty woman in Scottish folk songs BONNIELASS
Property restrictions LIENS
Pushed transport STROLLER
Rainwater conduits SEWERS
Related to ravens AVIAN
Represented DENOTED
Road trip stopover MOTEL
Salonga on Broadway LEA
Save 'The Last Dance' for me, say? TIVO
See 127 Across ONICE
Shape of Twitter's 'like' button HEART
Signed, as with a pen INKED
Some all-in-one printers EPSONS
Space between teeth GAP
Sparkling accessory TIARA
Spicy Taco Bell offering TOSTADA
Stomach ABIDE
Sucks up ABSORBS
Superlatively supernatural EERIEST
Surrounded BESET
Talking biblical beast whose name uses only one of the five vowels BALAAMSASS
The Scarlet Witch's uniform hue RED
They may be full of toys KENNELS
Tools in a shed HOES
Truck fill DIESEL
Try so that one might SEEKTO
Two-family structure DUPLEX
Two-time NL MVP Willie MAYS
Two-wheeled vehicle used in city tours SEGWAY
University domain ACADEME
Up to ___ (adequate) PAR
View from the shore SEASCAPE
Vivid, like in a dream LUCID
Void partner NULL
Weaken ERODE
Weight-ing room? GYM
What a fireworks show may inspire AWE
Wire service providers? SPIES
With 21 Across, show featuring many twists and turns? STARS
Wordsmith's concern USAGE
___ Arann Islands (Irish carrier) AER
___ Coin, antagonist in 'The Hunger Games' ALMA
___ King Cole NAT
___ Media (production company for the Netflix series 'Explained') VOX
___ Square, site of 2011 protests in Cairo TAHRIR