- Jun 7 2020

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Clues Answers
''Beats me'' IHAVENOIDEA
''Close Encounters'' focus UFO
''Everybody Loves Raymond'' mom MARIE
''Good old'' land USOFA
''King of the road'' HOBO
''Magnum'' masterwork OPUS
''Mamma __!'' MIA
''Mutuel'' starter PARI
''Rainbow'' catch TROUT
''Refried'' fare BEANS
''Silent Spring'' byline CARSON
''The Stranger'' writer CAMUS
''Too rich for me'' IMOUT
''Zip it!'' SHH
''__ dreaming?'' AMI
110 Across necklace LEI
47 Across rental choice AVIS
Actually intend MEAN
Affordable, in brand names ECONO
Airport rental CAR
All worked up INASTIR
Ancient ''Boy King'' TUT
Apartment instrument SPINET
Append ADDON
Arm: Fr BRAS
Aspiring DA's exam LSAT
Attend uninvited CRASH
Audio engineer's device FADER
Baby kangaroos JOEYS
Bandleader's signal HITIT
Brought to you by FROM
Canine's neighbor MOLAR
Catchall abbr ETC
Certain opera solo SOPRANOARIA
Charles Lamb collection ESSAYSOFELIA
Childlike retort CANSO
Civil War general Doubleday ABNER
Clear as mud VAGUE
Coffee covers LIDS
Color TV pioneer RCA
Committed to doing SETON
Comply with OBEY
Counties in Britain SHIRES
Country singer LeAnn RIMES
Crow cousins JAYS
Cub's mother SHEBEAR
Did some ushering SAWIN
Doctor's directive STAT
Egyptian goddess ISIS
Eroded rock particles DETRITUS
Essential for prying LEVER
Eucalyptus eater KOALA
Except for SAVE
Eyelashes, to anatomists CILIA
Far below par POOR
Far from harsh MILD
Felonious verb ABET
Female zebra MARE
Filmmaker Dunham LENA
Fish story TALLTALE
Fitzgerald of jazz ELLA
Folk history LORE
Garden-variety PLAIN
Gave a shout-out to CITED
Gemologist's measure CARAT
Get worked up AROUSE
Green the rapper CEELO
Had a preference for LIKED
Hair stiffeners GELS
High-IQ group MENSA
Home-furnishings freebie IKEACATALOG
How Mars looks RED
Ignoble SORDID
Clues Answers
Informal greeting HEYYA
Iowa senator Joni ERNST
It might make ice cream crunchy OREOCOOKIE
Italian Riviera city RIMINI
Jazz singer Cleo LAINE
Just taken from the oven HOT
Lipstick mishap SMEAR
Luau finger food POI
Make illegal BAN
Mariner's milieu OCEAN
Marsh gunk SLIME
Martinique surrounder MER
Meetings in the news last February IOWACAUCUSES
Metro's map markings STOPS
Monk's home ABBEY
Moral misdeeds SINS
Mountain climber's support POLE
Mountains of Russia URALS
Name meaning ''reborn'' RENE
Needing mediation FARAPART
Nonstandard, in the OED VAR
Novelist Patchett ANN
Omega preceder PSI
Omelet option HAM
One from far away, or VERY far away ALIEN
One from Monte Carlo MONACAN
Operate a harvester REAP
Orchard box CRATE
Ordination, for instance RITE
Over and done with PAST
Overly adorable CUTESY
Piece of gossip ITEM
Piece of the action SHARE
Pillage LOOT
Plastic wrap, for short CELLO
Playwright Chekhov ANTON
Prepare a text message TYPE
Proofreading marks CARETS
Pundit's take SPIN
Purple fruits in smoothies ACAIBERRIES
Reaction to rudeness SLAP
Ready to take a chance GAME
Recital voice ALTO
Rise high SOAR
Roof gutter spot EAVE
Sacred text KORAN
Sailor fond of spinach POPEYE
Saint commemoration NAMEDAY
Showy and stylish ARTY
Shut angrily SLAM
Sleep lab acronym REM
Socker played by Smith ALI
SpaceX collaborator NASA
Sporting sandals, say SHOD
Squirrels' hangouts OAKS
Strong __ ox ASAN
Subject discussed TOPIC
Town near Santa Fe TAOS
Ultimate appeal grp SCOTUS
Ultimately earns NETS
Verizon or Sprint, for short TELCO
What a fencer is aiming for TARGETAREA
Where Interstate H1 is OAHUISLAND
Winter cap attachment EARLAP
Wispy THIN
With money at stake ONABET
Zealous AVID
__ fit (tantrum) HISSY
__ Hill (TR's home) SAGAMORE
__ Modern (London museum) TATE
__ Paulo, Brazil SAO