New York Times - Jun 7 2020

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Clues Answers
'Don't touch that ___!' DIAL
'Don't worry, that only LOOKED painful!' IMFINE
'Good to go!' ALLSET
'Hands off!' MINE
'Holy guacamole!' WOWIE
'How ___!' ODD
'Let's get going!' CMON
'Supplies are limited!' ORDERNOW
'The operation was a success!,' e.g.? SURGERYVERDICT
'Well, all right then' OHOKAY
A.O.C., e.g REP
Abbr. that begins some entry-level job titles ASST
Adidas competitor PUMA
Airport monitor, for short TSA
Amazon predator PIRANHA
Animal whose genus name, Phascolarctos, means 'pouch bear' KOALA
Any member of the Twelver branch of Islam SHIITE
Appetizer often served with mint chutney SAMOSA
Author Murdoch played onscreen by Kate Winslet and Judi Dench IRIS
Be awesome RULE
Begin to develop BREW
Biodiverse habitat REEF
Bygone car company that bore its founder's initials REO
Cache HIDE
Cause of death in many a murder mystery CYANIDE
Celsius with a namesake temperature scale ANDERS
Chef's topper TOQUE
City with views of the Mediterranean and Mount Carmel HAIFA
Comes after ENSUES
Concern for a P.R. team OPTICS
Demolition material TNT
Direction for one who's been in Benin to go to Togo WEST
Do a favor for a vacationing friend, maybe HOUSESIT
Doesn't go straight VEERSOFF
Dublin alma mater of Oscar Wilde TRINITY
Early accepter of mobile payments? CALDER
Embedded design INLAY
Entrance BEWITCH
Faux pas NONO
Felt bad AILED
Figure out DEDUCE
Flip inside out EVERT
Four for a grand slam, briefly RBIS
Frequent result of wearing a bike helmet HATHAIR
German city where Charlemagne was buried AACHEN
Gets going, so to speak ROLLS
Getting three square meals a day WELLFED
Give a whirl TRY
Go on a rampage RUNRIOT
Goddess who cursed Echo to just repeat the words of others HERA
Got 101% on an exam, say? SURPASSEDPERFECT
Grab (onto) GLOM
Haughty looks SNEERS
Hornswoggled DUPED
Hotheaded ones? MATCHES
How a tandem bicycle is built FORTWO
Humorist David SEDARIS
Industry magnate CZAR
Ingredient that turns a Black Russian into a White Russian MILK
Intrigued by DRAWNTO
Island whose name rhymes with 72-Across MAUI
Kidney-related RENAL
Knit pick? NEEDLE
Lampoon SATIRE
Land, as a fish REELIN
Last-eaten part of a loaf, often HEEL
Lighthearted movie ROMP
Clues Answers
Like some granola bars OATY
Like urban legends, again and again RETOLD
Loose and flowing, as a dress BILLOWY
Makes aware of TURNSONTO
Mama ___ CASS
Many a Dickensian child WAIF
March Madness tourney, with 'the' BIGDANCE
Material for some suits LINEN
Metal in galvanization ZINC
Montana, in the 1980s NINER
Multiparagraph blog comment, maybe SCREED
Muppet who sings 'I Refuse to Sing Along' BERT
Network that once advertised its prime-time block as 'Must See TV' NBC
Nit pick? DELOUSE
No longer plagued by RIDOF
Novelist/poet Cisneros SANDRA
Off the beaten path AFIELD
Office worker STAFFER
Officers who woke up on the wrong side of the cot? SURLYMAJORS
One of a pair on the table SHAKER
One who's unfaithful? ATHEIST
One-percenters and the like ELITES
Only state capital that shares no letters with the name of its state PIERRE
Painter Velázquez DIEGO
Paste used for home repairs SPACKLE
People who start arguments out of nowhere? SURPRISEFIGHTERS
Pioneer Day celebrant UTAHAN
Polynesian performance HULA
Popular name for a black-and-white pet OREO
Posthumous award? ESTATE
Put a bluffer in a tough spot RERAISE
Quartet that performed at Woodstock, for short CSNY
Really bothered ATEAT
Requiring a lot of attention, say CLINGY
Response to a breach of movie theater etiquette SHH
Revenue sources for podcasts ADS
Roman triumvirate? III
Sadistic feline character in a Scott Adams strip CATBERT
Shade similar to turquoise AQUA
Site of a noted oracle DELPHI
Soirées where everyone is dressed in their finest board shorts? SURFERBALLS
Son of 62-Down ARES
Squirrels away SAVES
Stand up at the altar JILT
Start of a conclusion THUS
Stud fees? ANTES
Stuntwoman Kitty known as 'the fastest woman in the world' ONEIL
Supports BACKS
Tailors' measurements WAISTS
The 'R' of the Bay Area's BART RAPID
The Red Baron, for one AIRMAN
They often end on a low note BASSOS
They're written in chess notation MOVES
Trembling AQUIVER
Unimportant-sounding dessert TRIFLE
Unit of stamps SHEET
Water heater? SQUIRTGUN
What contacts contact EYES
What's the holdup? HEIST
Why someone might practice deep breathing every five minutes? SURFEITOFANGER
Women's History Month: Abbr MAR
___ Creed NICENE
___ kebab SHISH
___ Mae SALLIE