Wall Street Journal - Jun 6 2020 - Just Sway the Word

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Clues Answers
“Am I the problem here?” ISITME
“Boo’d Up” singer Ella ___ MAI
“Crocodile Hunter” Steve IRWIN
“Jesus Christ Superstar” baritone HEROD
“Oink, oink, oink”? SWINELANGUAGE
“Pale Blue Dot” author Carl SAGAN
“Q-tips Through the Years,” say? SWABSTORY
“___ jungle out there” ITSA
2008 film starring John Cusack as an assassin WARINC
Additionally ALSO
Allies of the Hurons ERIES
Any of a trio in the cerebellum LOBE
Argon and neon, e.g INERTGASES
Aspiration DREAM
Ax attachment AMP
Barry Manilow hit “Could ___ Magic” ITBE
Battery component ANODE
Battery component TEST
Bead of perspiration? SWEATPIECE
Behavioral quirk TIC
Benefit SAKE
Bibliography abbr IBID
Brain-based MENTAL
Busybodies YENTAS
Cal. neighbor NEV
Capital on the Willamette River SALEM
Cards, on scorecards STL
Caterer’s containers URNS
CEO helper ASST
Chopin wrote 27 of them ETUDES
Clandestine meeting TRYST
Course org PGA
Crash souvenir DENT
Crunchable numbers DATA
Cry to alert a lifeguard? SWIMMERDOWN
Danish explorer and cartographer BERING
Did a pre-heist job CASED
Dirty digs STY
Do some hemming SEW
Does the wrong thing ERRS
Dramatic singer DIVA
Emotionally stable CENTERED
Endorsement NOD
Factional division SCHISM
Farm fathers SIRES
Fonts of wisdom SAGES
Food label fig RDA
Granola granule OAT
H resembler ETA
Handled SAWTO
Henry Fielding novel AMELIA
Hold title to OWN
Home of the Capulets and Montagues VERONA
Huck’s buddy TOM
Jaunty melodies LILTS
Jubilant holler WAHOO
Laid low HID
Left ventricle’s outlet AORTA
Lemmon’s “Some Like It Hot” co-star CURTIS
Less long-winded PITHIER
Lift up the slope TBAR
Light show lights LASERS
Like a loser BEATEN
Like leas GRASSY
Loving sound COO
Low craps roll THREE
Mailing from Volvo or IKEA? SWEDECATALOG
Make money from, in the casino WINAT
Man at first WHO
Clues Answers
Mariah with five Grammys CAREY
Marine marauder PIRATE
Minute WEE
Mounted on ATOP
Moves behind? TWERKS
Much, informally LOTSA
Neither trailer NOR
New Haven collegian ELI
Obey the alarm ARISE
Organic label letters USDA
Ostentatious sorts PEACOCKS
PC key ALT
Pince-nez’s lack TEMPLES
Play in an alley BOWL
Pleasing prospect VISTA
Polynesian amulet TIKI
Prospero rescued him from Sycorax ARIEL
Reaction to a traumatic experience SHELLSHOCK
Ready for the cobbler CORED
Refer to CITE
Refinery sights TANKS
Religious recess APSE
Right to tee off first HONOR
Rumble sides GANGS
Rumsfeld’s portrayer in “Vice” CARELL
S&L offering IRA
Shot of raspberry liqueur? SWEETBELT
Sira Fortress site ADEN
Skin feature PORE
Slangy sauciness TUDE
Slightly ABIT
Smelly flow SEWAGE
Social order CASTE
Some printers HPS
Sophia from Rome LOREN
Sport with strokes ROWING
Sports stunner UPSET
Square of itself ONE
Stadium dismantled in 2009 SHEA
Stand up LAST
State as fact AVER
Steinfeld who plays Emily Dickinson on “Dickinson” HAILEE
Stellar bear URSA
Stellar dog CANIS
Stop listening to TUNEOUT
Suffer in the summer BROIL
Summer in Sèvres ETE
Surname of an animated stinker LEPEW
Switzerland’s 26 CANTONS
Take in CON
Takes off the shoulder, perhaps TOWS
ThirdLove product BRA
Tie the knot WED
Traditional tales LORE
Train unit CAR
Travel stops INNS
Tureen tools LADLES
U.N.’s social justice agency ILO
Utensils for exaggeratedly plunging into cereal? SWOOPSPOONS
Vein yield ORE
What an out-of-control mule pulls? SWERVINGCART
Where buccaneers take their booty? SWAGHARBOR
Where your innominate bones are HIPS
Wrongful act TORT
___ pro nobis ORA
___-cake (game with a tot) PATA