The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,382 - Jun 5 2020

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Clues Answers
Act badly, giving order in pizzeria? HAMITUP
Best to be tight-lipped after pot I smashed OPTIMUM
Black on top, not soft, dessert shows potential BUDDING
Blackmails using rearranged letters, or texts EXTORTS
Brilliance in golf shown by little swine! GLITTER
Buffalo drive STEER
Carry out injured fencer to be given oxygen ENFORCE
Challenge to make English shingle or German manger? TONGUETWISTER
Deck's wet -- I crumpled -- most shameful WICKEDEST
Discovery holiday by river, falling in however BREAKTHROUGH
Funny-looking African native, one that's good and strong, tracking duck OSTRICH
Gosh! US soldier is royal companion? CORGI
Help Max Ernst to hold up illustration EXAMPLE
High-flier's dog with no lead EAGLE
Clues Answers
Is charge to follow concerning second publication? REISSUE
Job with Ezra, perhaps, entertaining gospel reader's friends? BOOKMARKS
Lethal drone that's flown over America? KILLERBEE
Liquor reportedly which person's taken to church HOOCH
Occasionally viewed in car, local tribal country CROATIA
One's usually needled when neighbours go bare CONIFER
Person at a symphony clutching pieces of music SONATAS
Promptly bellow when getting hammered here? ONTHENAIL
Publicist issues this request to gatekeeper? PRESSRELEASE
Short sight GLIMPSE
Silly posh idiot first to oppress worker, one in sales SHOPASSISTANT
Smart Alec from Spain picked up one's tense EGOTIST
Someone who may act weird and not even dance ODDBALL
Worker that's painting, say, in enthralling South America ARTISAN