The Guardian - Quick crossword No 15,626 - Jun 6 2020

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Clues Answers
Able to predict events PRESCIENT
Bill of fare MENU
Fine fabric made from goat's wool — sham pain (anag) PASHMINA
Floppy LIMP
Hitting the hay TURNINGIN
Huge — bashing THUMPING
Insufficiently cooked UNDERDONE
Long walk in the mountains? TREK
Miscellaneous objects BRICABRAC
Clues Answers
New Zealand's largest city AUCKLAND
Not made explicit UNSAID
Open fruit pie TART
Places to live ABODES
Positive aspect of a situation UPSIDE
Punctuation mark HYPHEN
Put into place INSTAL
Sufficient ENOUGH
What they speak in Liverpool? SCOUSE
Write carelessly SCRAWL