USA Today - Jul 21 2020

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Clues Answers
'DO NOT ___' (chalkboard plea) ERASE
'Great job!' KUDOS
'Hollaback Girl' singer Stefani GWEN
'Nurse Jackie' star Falco EDIE
'Self-Portrait with ___' (Amrita Sher-gil painting) EASEL
'The Half of It' star Lewis LEAH
'what I mean when I say I'm sharpening my ___' (Ewing poem) OYSTERKNIFE
A while ___ AGO
Absolutely rocks an outfit, e.g SLAYS
Alternative to matte GLOSSY
Animated explorer DORA
Assertion CLAIM
Berry popular in Brazil ACAI
Best friend of Carmen, Bridget and Tibby LENA
Big Apple college NYU
Blow like a volcano ERUPT
Capital of Senegal DAKAR
Capture NAB
Collection of sewing items KIT
Dawn's opposite DUSK
Decorative pattern DESIGN
Digitized document SCAN
Do some karaoke SING
Down to the ___ WIRE
Drink often topped with foam art LATTE
Enjoy a meal DINE
Feature of Rogue's hair STREAK
Florida city on a bay TAMPA
Former member, for short ALUM
Free passes in tournaments BYES
Gasoline additive ETHANOL
Gymnast nicknamed the 'Sparrow from Minsk' OLGAKORBUT
Homophone of one vegetable; anagram of another LEAK
In the beginning ATFIRST
Inform TELL
Island where many Chamorros live GUAM
Japanese electronics giant SONY
Jollof grain RICE
Clues Answers
Just-picked FRESH
Lambs' mothers EWES
Like some phones SMART
Like some restrooms ALLGENDER
Location SITE
No longer wild TAME
One way to breathe DEEPLY
Orange juice option PULP
Part of a play ACT
Payment to a landlord RENT
Pen fluid INK
Persian poet/astronomer/mathematician OMARKHAYYAM
Person from Des Moines, e.g IOWAN
Phone programs APPS
Physique, for short BOD
Pig's place STY
Plucked instruments SITARS
Prefix for 'turf' ASTRO
Recede EBB
Resists FIGHTS
Risky football play ONSIDEKICK
Show feelings EMOTE
Siete minus cuatro TRES
Sincerely TRULY
Six-point plays (Abbr.) TDS
Small barrel KEG
Stanley Cup org NHL
Summon via beeper PAGE
The Red Planet MARS
Thoroughly read PERUSE
Tolerates ABIDES
Tripoli's country LIBYA
TV host Kelly RIPA
Typists hit them KEYS
Villain's secret hideaway LAIR
Word after 'storage' or 'AC' UNIT
Yaki ___ (noodle dish) UDON
Young animals YEARLINGS