- Jun 4 2020

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Clues Answers
''Fault'' callers UMPS
''Id __'' (in other words) EST
''See ya!'' IMOFF
''__ walks in beauty . . .'': Byron SHE
007 film named for Fleming's home GOLDENEYE
A number of shoes SIZE
Absentee title character GODOT
Absorb gradually OSMOSE
Apprehend NAB
Apt rhyme for ''trikes'' TYKES
Architect Lin MAYA
Backs out, with ''off'' BEGS
Begrudge ENVY
Betting parlor posting ODDS
Bird that Brits call a diver LOON
Blow away AMAZE
Blue hue TEAL
Caustic chemicals LYES
Certain nest builders ANTS
Cinemascope successor IMAX
Complain or complaint MOAN
Dishwatery SOAPY
Double-purchase deals TWOFERS
Enticed, with ''in'' ROPED
Exam in an ABA member's past LSAT
Federal Reserve Note GREENBACK
Fleecy footwear UGGS
GPS directive TURN
Henry VIII's sixth PARR
Hua's predecessor MAO
HUD division FHA
Ideologies ISMS
Leak slowly SEEP
Man cave setups LEDTVS
Manufactured buildings PREFABS
Many Mideasterners SEMITES
Medal depicting Washington PURPLEHEART
Mental block HANGUP
Clues Answers
Minister (to) TEND
Mythical fleece bearer ARGO
Name on a Walesa award NOBEL
Nikolai of Russian novels GOGOL
Not messy NEAT
Olympic blade EPEE
One in trunks BOXER
One of the 24 Down ARAB
Out of order AMISS
Part of an employee ID PHOTO
Part of many motel chain names INN
Pilot's announcement ETA
Pulled-down list MENU
Quiet-lamb link ASA
Rectify, as a report EMEND
Result of a leadoff walk ONEON
River flowing through Lyon RHONE
Rum drink GROG
Sch. near the Rio Grande UTEP
Send payment REMIT
Sharp hit, perhaps figurative SLAP
Social media entry POST
Standard number PAR
Star Stone EMMA
Sweet preceder/follower HOME
They're not Kyoto cash YENS
Thing in a pad MEMO
Totally fascinated ENRAPT
Unsecured LOOSE
Very expansive ROOMY
Wards (off) FENDS
Water + sand + lime PLASTER
Well-__ machine OILED
What the last Oscar telecast lacked EMCEE
When daylight fades SUNSET
Willing to be convinced OPEN
Word on many LPs STEREO
Wright brothers' home OHIO
__ it (flee) LAM