New York Times - Jun 4 2020

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Clues Answers
'Aladdin' villain JAFAR
'I Am the Walrus' and 'Revolution,' for two BSIDES
'Schitt's Creek' actress Catherine OHARA
Art Deco artist ERTE
Beginner's trumpet sound BLAT
Book after Joel AMOS
Broadcasting aids TOWERS
Casually try DABBLEIN
Comaneci of gymnastics NADIA
Cottage cheese morsel CURD
Cute calendar subject KITTEN
Early PC software MSDOS
Early people of the Great Lakes ERIES
First name on the Supreme Court ELENA
Frederick Douglass, for one ORATOR
Freeway hauler SEMI
Graze SKIM
Image file type with a much-debated pronunciation GIF
Increases in intensity DEEPENS
Isn't square OWES
Join together, in a way WELD
King or queen, e.g BED
Like royal flushes RARE
Long hike TREK
Low-effort internet joke MEME
Mix up STIR
Mr., abroad SRI
Museum on the Thames TATE
Not appropriate INDECENT
Not loving anymore OVER
On the straight and narrow now REFORMED
One side of New York/ New Jersey's G.W. Bridge FTLEE
Original occupation for Rachel on 'Friends' WAITRESS
Part of a Mickey Mouse costume EARS
Pay to play ANTE
Clues Answers
Perform an operation ADD
Poet exiled by Augustus OVID
Polish, in a way EDIT
President who also served as provisional governor of Cuba TAFT
Puts coins into FEEDS
Recognized SEEN
Rio greeting OLA
RR station info ETA
Scourge BANE
Seafood server RAWBAR
Shoe designer Caovilla RENE
Something blown on for good luck DIE
Spanish kiss BESO
Speculate WAGER
Take a chance DARE
Tank part TREAD
Taters SPUDS
Tennis star Naomi OSAKA
The unhappy calendar maker .. NEEDSAWEEKOFF
The unhappy drill press operator .. FINDSWORKBORING
The unhappy elevator operator .. ASKSFORARAISE
The unhappy orthopedic surgeon .. WANTSMOREBREAKS
There are 10 million in a joule ERGS
They're raised on farms BARNS
Title woman of a 1965 Beach Boys hit RHONDA
To whom the Parthenon is dedicated ATHENA
Torah holder ARK
Triangular snack item DORITO
Wedding pair IDOS
Westernmost capital in mainland Africa DAKAR
Where the first velociraptor fossil was discovered GOBI
World-weary JADED
Zealous AVID
___ Drago, foe of Rocky Balboa IVAN
___-Pacific ASIA