Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jun 24 2020

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Clues Answers
"Closer" actress Portman NATALIE
"Evil Woman" band ELO
"Funny!" HAHA
"Incidentally," in a text BTW
"No Exit" writer SARTRE
"Now, where — I?" WAS
"Phooey!" RATS
$ dispensers ATMS
'60s chic MOD
Acute KEEN
Airline to Sweden SAS
Bakery buys BUNS
Bankrolls WADS
Bar bill TAB
Bassoon's kin OBOE
Bee follower CEE
Biting remark BARB
Carry TOTE
Cattle calls? MOOS
Comic Philips EMO
Commuter's waiting area BUSSTOP
Cygnet's parent SWAN
Egyptian deity ISIS
Explosive barrier-breaking sound SONICBOOM
Eyelid woe STYE
Fan's cry RAH
Fill up SATE
Footwear on the slopes SKIBOOTS
French diarist Anais NIN
Initial chip ANTE
Irish actor Stephen REA
Jazzy James ETTA
Clues Answers
Lair DEN
Lawyers' org ABA
LP player HIFI
March honoree, for short STPAT
Martini liquor GIN
Miles away AFAR
Missile shelter SILO
Motorist's org AAA
Newt EFT
Nonclerical LAY
Nuisances PESTS
Numbered rd RTE
Pledge VOW
Popular card game UNO
Receded EBBED
Savory deli order SALTBAGEL
Science room LAB
Seductress VAMP
Show ennui YAWN
Skewered entrees KEBABS
Squad UNIT
Steakhouse station SALADBAR
Sternward AFT
Swizzle STIR
Tax form ID SSN
Ticklish Muppet ELMO
Twangy NASAL
Visit briefly POPIN
Woodland grazer DEER
Writer Kingsley AMIS
— de plume NOM
— Sutra KAMA