Wall Street Journal - Jun 3 2020 - Job Openings

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Clues Answers
“Gangnam Style” rapper PSY
“Well, ___-di-dah!” LAH
“Yer lyin’!” AINTSO
Airport pickup LIMO
Aptly named English novelist READE
Bayer brand ALEVE
Beard for a gumshoe? DICKVANDYKE
Black Watch topper TAM
Bubblehead ASS
Capital founded in 1535 LIMA
Capone chasers TMEN
Chauffeur for a prison guard? SCREWDRIVER
Cloak for a psychiatrist? SHRINKWRAP
Coal site SEAM
Comfortable shoes for a mariner? SALTFLATS
Comics canine ODIE
Continue without a raise CALL
Counterpart of 21-Across SIR
Counterpart of 38-Down MAAM
Decreased? IRONED
Desultory AIMLESS
Dissolute sort ROUE
Drainage hinderer HARDPAN
Elec., e.g UTIL
Entertainment request AMUSEME
Exclamation at a Greek wedding OPA
Exec’s aide: Abbr ASST
Express grief WAIL
Floatride running shoes, e.g REEBOKS
Folks in fields SOWERS
Gibson of “Transformers” TYRESE
Graynor of “The Sitter” ARI
Harris and Helms EDS
Heath Bar alternative SKOR
Ives’s partner CURRIER
LaBeouf of “Transformers” SHIA
Last word of “America the Beautiful” SEA
Lauren Ash’s “Superstore” role DINA
Leisure doings, for short REC
Clues Answers
Light into ASSAIL
Linen hue ECRU
Live ARE
Lummox’s utterance OOPS
Maker of waves SINE
Many a Little League coach DAD
Mascot with a baseball head MRMET
Mason’s partner DIXON
Meccan, e.g SAUDI
Minute EENSY
Nest egg choice IRA
Occupant of a Castile castle REY
One might have chocolate points SIAMESE
Onetime Queens stadium SHEA
Pastoral BUCOLIC
Pittsburgh-based metal producer ALCOA
Pres. Ramaphosa’s nation RSA
Proof of proof, perhaps KICK
Qatar, e.g EMIRATE
Quart quarter CUP
Rosencrantz or Guildenstern, e.g DANE
Sandal features TSTRAPS
Setting for Bay Area touchdowns SFO
Site for a Split Decision Breakfast IHOP
Society newcomer DEB
Starfish arm RAY
Staying power? TENURE
Stimulant for a shady politico? FIXERUPPER
Superfund org EPA
Supplied FED
Symbol of love EROS
Take for a ride BUS
There are three under the plow on Pennsylvania’s flag SHEAVES
They include mandibles SKULLS
They’re worked by butterfly machines PECS
Throng HORDE
Tightened, as laces RETIED
Tool for a duel EPEE
Venomous viper ASP