The Washington Post - Jun 2 2020

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Clues Answers
'Dear __ Hansen': 2017 Best Musical EVAN
'For sure!' YES
'Ghost Hunters' channel suggested by the answers to starred clues AANDE
'In your dreams!' ASIF
'It's the truth!' NOLIE
'Sadly ... ' ALAS
'TGIF!' time: Abbr FRI
'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' author JOHNLECARRE
'__ Only Just Begun': Carpenters hit WEVE
*Dorothy's female caretaker AUNTIEEM
*Sasha Fierce, for Beyoncé ALTEREGO
*The 'bush' type is the largest living land animal AFRICANELEPHANT
Baltic capital RIGA
Barista employer CAFE
Big name in cosmetics OLAY
Binary digit ONE
Bullfight shouts OLES
Canadian tank filler ESSO
Canceled abruptly AXED
Cast a spell on CHARM
Coastal recess COVE
Complain CARP
Designated survivor HEIR
Dove's call COO
Drag on a joint TOKE
Dunham of 'Girls' LENA
Ear-to-ear smiles GRINS
Emulate an American attending the Sorbonne, say STUDYABROAD
Enjoyed the buffet ATE
Eurasian border range URALS
Eve's second son ABEL
Fa-la link SOL
Fancy residence VILLA
Food truck fare TACOS
Gives a hand AIDS
Golden Fleece ship ARGO
Greek column type IONIC
Greet silently NODAT
Clues Answers
Humerus, for one BONE
Ice skating feat AXEL
It's taken by a witness, with 'the' STAND
Italian wine hub ASTI
Leave rolling in the aisles SLAY
Lhasa __: small dog APSO
Linney of 'Ozark' LAURA
List of options MENU
Listless feeling ENNUI
Magazine for docs JAMA
Majors in golf and tennis? OPENS
Narc's coup BUST
No-name, as a brand GENERIC
Not new USED
Piece of trivia FACTOID
Pop star IDOL
Post-op stop ICU
Prefix with bar or car MINI
Ray of the tropics MANTA
Really excited about INTO
Salon dos COIFS
Self-centered VAIN
Shared between us OURS
Sign above a door EXIT
Start of a classic palindrome ABLE
Teen anti-DWI gp SADD
The first 'A' in A.A. Milne ALAN
They're above the abs PECS
Thumb one's nose (at) SCOFF
Tiny bird call PEEP
Tots' sport with bases TBALL
Type of lamp with a volcanic name LAVA
Unfeeling NUMB
Up and about AWAKE
Urban Dictionary focus SLANG
Waze display MAP
__ as a peacock PROUD
__ slaw COLE