- Jan 19 2010

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Clues Answers
''Hay,'' ''weigh'' and ''they'' RHYMES
''Shucks!'' AWGEE
60 Across and female SEXES
Alter a hemline SEW
Area beyond first base RIGHTFIELD
As expected TRUETOFORM
Backyard swimming spot POOL
Biggest of the three bears PAPA
Border on ABUT
Breadbasket item ROLL
Bring dinner to the table SERVE
Burrowing mammal MOLE
Butter alternative OLEO
Candy and cookies SWEETS
Catches sight of SEES
Chop into tiny pieces MINCE
Cupid's weapon ARROW
Days before holidays EVES
Elm, e.g. TREE
Fly like an eagle SOAR
Fur on a royal robe ERMINE
Give the slip to ELUDE
Gossiper's tidbit RUMOR
Got taller GREW
Hamburger serving PATTY
Harness strap REIN
Hosp. areas ERS
Jab with a finger POKE
Jai __ ALAI
Large coffee vessels URNS
Main point CRUX
Metered vehicle TAXI
Night-table light LAMP
Office assistant AIDE
Office crews STAFFS
Old Iranian ruler SHAH
Out of style PASSE
Outdoor barbecue area PATIO
Clues Answers
Package of paper REAM
Physicians, informally DOCS
Poison-ivy reaction RASH
Praises LAUDS
Prefix for sphere ATMO
Presidential winner in 2008 OBAMA
Rabbit relatives HARES
Really dislike DETEST
Recipe amounts: Abbr. TSPS
Refine, as metal SMELT
Region with little rainfall DRYAREA
Restful resort SPA
Ring-shaped reef ATOLL
Rule, for short REG
School-support org. PTA
Sci-fi transport UFO
Sheets of a book PAGES
Ship's load CARGO
Site for a silo FARM
Sky twinkler STAR
Soccer, for one SPORT
Social no-no TABOO
Some community ctrs. YMCAS
Some homework assignments REPORTS
Soprano's song ARIA
Spilled the beans TOLD
Stallion or rooster MALE
Stein fillers ALES
Strongly recommend URGE
Take down __ (humble) APEG
Thinly distributed SPARSE
Top poker cards ACES
Train-track part RAIL
Used a loom WOVE
Whoop it up REVEL
Woodcutters' tools AXES
Woodwind instrument OBOE
__ Antoinette (French queen) MARIE
__-frutti TUTTI