The Sun - Two Speed - Jun 1 2020

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Clues Answers
Actor Brian sanctified BLESSED
Amorous dancing in Co Antrim ROMANTIC
An American woman overseas ABROAD
Blockade EMBARGO
Charitable gift DONATION
Cheese on toast: unusually good mouthful RAREBIT
City on Ruhr ESSEN
Contribution from party people DONATION
Crazy European really rich MADE
Custodian STEWARD
Diadem TIARA
Expert drinks initially rank port ACRE
Favoured BLESSED
Found in Croatia rather small crown TIARA
Giant I caught leaving doomed ship TITAN
Good to have a fashion in music genre GARAGE
Grinding tooth MOLAR
In foreign parts ABROAD
Incredibly moral canine cousin MOLAR
Inhale smoke from flame-thrower? DRAGON
Land measure ACRE
Man for instance is extremely louche ISLE
Manufactured MADE
Melted cheese dish RAREBIT
Mythical monster DRAGON
Noosed rope LASSO
Clues Answers
Official SW trade changes STEWARD
Ordained DECREED
Orderly system in discos mostly COSMOS
Papal statement to plague Barker BULLDOG
Petrol seller GARAGE
Picture IMAGE
Prescribed act, accepting English credit DECREED
Satellite of Saturn TITAN
Sea-girt land ISLE
See - that catches animal! LASSO
Sentimental ROMANTIC
Single male with time for public persona IMAGE
Single payment LUMPSUM
Small flier no man in Royal Navy WREN
Small songbird WREN
Some messages sent for German city ESSEN
Stout canine BULLDOG
Terribly bad sign for tummy ABDOMEN
Tint from hairdresser in Sevenoaks RINSE
Tolerate problem, getting complete amount LUMPSUM
Universe COSMOS
Vie with Arabs - could be rough ABRASIVE
Vigilant ALERT
Want little time SHORTAGE
Warning from dealer trading ALERT
Wash lightly RINSE
Zero to interest me about trade ban EMBARGO