The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27679

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Clues Answers
Animal, mostly solitary, primarily inhabiting a region of Spain CATALONIA
Clear-headed Law Lord covering a group of islands LUCID
Court divided about Durer’s first artistic creation WOODCUT
Endlessly recommend imbibing a liqueur ADVOCAAT
Eroticism somehow of equal measure? ISOMETRIC
Eternal suffering! ABIDING
Extreme characters in Westminster touch down in African state, once SWAZILAND
Figure of girl finally exuding sex appeal DIGIT
Film for all to see, introducing current case ETUI
Heavily built group of little intelligence THICKSET
It nourishes teachers ultimately content with nothing in Paris NUTRIENT
Long article about explosive ACHE
Narcotic: retired army doctor secures more in Milan OPIUM
Oppose son entering repeat exam RESIST
Overnight accommodation with neat container for hats BANDBOX
Clues Answers
Problem-solving husband with foreign coins in London area TROUBLESHOOTING
Putting off creating space for books, perhaps SHELVING
Relish keeping twin-hulled vessel insured at first, in case LOCATIVE
Republican launching a club in African capital RABAT
Sauce only served in pub by church INSOLENCE
See a girl disheartened and isolated LONELY
Shambolic leaders bizarrely keeping one in trashy way SHODDILY
Small trading centre teens regularly tidy up SMARTEN
Someone who intimidates us, making us shrink back? COWER
Top politician press initially interviewed in church cabinet minister
Tropical palm developed and developed, we hear GRUGRU
Turned out badly, lacking education UNTUTORED
Unusually tired, yet transfixed by unnamed person’s deftness DEXTERITY
Vocally object to coal being obtained thus? MINED
Waylay a doctor attached to American hospital AMBUSH