Universal - May 28 2020

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Clues Answers
"Bridge of Spies" costar Alan ALDA
"For sure!" YEAH
"SNL" alum Gasteyer ANA
"Streamed that last week" SEENIT
"___ Lake" SWAN
.com address, e.g URL
2016 Olympics host RIO
Abbr. within "boulevards" RDS
Absolutely nothing DIDDLYSQUAT
Activist Yoko ONO
Actress Saldana or Kazan ZOE
Actress Sevigny or Moretz CHLOE
Additionally TOO
Ancient manuscript CODEX
Aquatic expanse SEA
Arid DRY
Black gem ONYX
Break after recess, perhaps LUNCH
Buzzer? FLY
Celestial sphere ORB
Cereal whose mascot is often depicted saluting CAPNCRUNCH
Certain adopted pet, informally RESCUE
Charged particle ION
Chef and humanitarian Jose ANDRES
Collection of online posts BLOG
Comedic quality WIT
Comedy sketches SKITS
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Construction site sight CRANE
Coral ecosystem REEF
Corridor HALL
Demolish RAZE
Do a lot of traveling GETAROUND
Dream phase of sleep, briefly REM
Drove very fast TORE
Egg cell OVUM
Enjoy every moment of SAVOR
Erie's bottom LAKEBED
Etta James and Adele, musically ALTOS
Clues Answers
Expelled for breaking the rules, informally DQED
Figure on a Monopoly deed RENT
Flummox ADDLE
Former coin in Cannes FRANC
Go bankrupt, in Monopoly LOSE
Holiday Inn or Quality Inn HOTEL
Leather-piercing tool AWL
Meat sandwich chain ARBYS
MSNBC's "Morning ___" JOE
Not quite shut AJAR
One usually has a subject line EMAIL
PC key near the space bar ALT
Pitcher's mound locale INFIELD
Protection from splattering APRON
Prune TRIM
Puffed orange snack CHEESECURL
Race at a red light? REV
Resolve nicely ... and a hint to 17-, 25-, 48- and 59-Across WORKOUTINTHEEND
Result in LEADTO
Scoundrel KNAVE
Self-publishing possibility VANITYPRESS
Slithering swimmer EEL
Spinoff of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" RHODA
Spooky aerial sightings UFOS
Sporty Chevy VETTE
Spot at the casino? PIP
Stealthy garb, for short CAMO
Studio construction SET
Studio structure STAGE
Top of many a statehouse DOME
Top squad of athletes ATEAM
Trivial task CINCH
U.S. History and others APS
Unexciting BLAH
Unique assignments for students? IDNUMBERS
Vatican City resident POPE
Wine grape with a dark skin SYRAH
You can't avoid it FATE
___ the day RUE