- May 28 2020

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Clues Answers
''Dances with Wolves'' dwelling TEPEE
''It's cold!'' BRRR
Actress Watts NAOMI
Arbitrary explanation ISAYSO
Banish EXILE
Behave toward TREAT
Bic rival PENTEL
Casino convenience ATM
Casserole handlers MITTS
Cite in an acceptance speech THANK
Conscious AWAKE
DEA agent NARC
Dependent on UPTO
Dublin-born IRISH
Easy basket TIPIN
Final Four org NCAA
Flared dresses ALINES
French physician and Peace Nobelist SCHWEITZER
Futuristic toon family name JETSON
Guarantee INSURE
Guy paid to be funny GAGMAN
Home for a dragon DEN
Honey's hue AMBER
Hurricane tracking agcy NOAA
Ill-gotten, informally HOT
Issue EMIT
Late lunchtime TWO
Like any part of 20 and 39 Across ORAL
Line of rotation AXIS
Longing ITCH
Mardi __ GRAS
Minute matter ATOM
Model T starter CRANK
Mongol leader's title KHAN
Mumbai money RUPEE
Name that sounds like a monastery ABBY
Clues Answers
Neutralizes ANNULS
New Haven alum ELI
No longer avid JADED
Novelist Emile ZOLA
Obliterate ERASE
Oscar winner as Erin JULIA
Part of a soccer uniform SHORTS
Person taking target practice AIMER
Photo session SHOOT
Precious person PEARL
Pro skaters' org NHL
Reckless speed HASTE
Reckless speed RUSH
Relating to form MODAL
Request to repeat AGAIN
Romance novelist Roberts NORA
Shade of gray SLATE
Show approval CLAP
Something placed in a pot BET
Sourpuss GRUMP
Start the day RISE
Surveyor's calculation AREA
Temporary downturn DIP
Top scout EAGLE
Tusked beast BOAR
Upper-crust craft YACHT
Verdi masterwork AIDA
Volunteer's offer IWILL
Water conduit HOSE
Well-organized NEAT
Where rtes. meet JCT
Word on a Washington map WALLA
X-ray alternative MRI
__ Island Immigration Museum ELLIS
__ Martin (British auto) ASTON
__ purpose (pointlessly) TONO