New York Times - May 28 2020

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Clues Answers
'My turn now' IMNEXT
'Olé!' cousin RAH
'Scandal' creator Rhimes SHONDA
'The Lion King' queen NALA
:-O !! OMG
Ab ___ (from the beginning) OVO
Actor's asset RANGE
Alternative to 'Yours truly' BEST
British title SIR
Bulb circler MOTH
Bustles ADOS
Cause of just deserts BADKARMA
Cause of swollen feet and ankles EDEMA
Checkers do it SCAN
Commencement week tradition at many colleges CLASSDAY
Community spirit ETHOS
Compound like NaCl or HCl HALIDE
Confucian scholar Chu ___ HSI
Corset bones and collar stiffeners STAYS
Crow relative DAW
Dandy FOP
Depleted USEDUP
Depleted SPENT
Electrical problem SHORT
Final words of Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'I Have a Dream' speech FREEATLAST
Flagship sch. with famed serpentine garden walls UVA
Flasher at a rock concert STROBE
For example SAY
Fortune 500 company that started out selling books AMAZON
Get back (to) RSVP
Goes wrong ERRS
Golden rule word OTHERS
Habitually OFTEN
Hunk GOB
Insincere charm SMARM
Clues Answers
Intro-level info ABCS
Iowa State city AMES
Jazz vocalist Anita ODAY
Keenly observant ORTHODOX
Marauding group HORDE
Medical professional with a passion for pep rallies? DOCTORWHOCHEERS
Mia who appeared on a Wheaties box in 1999 HAMM
Moor's foe in the early eighth century VISIGOTH
On a par with, in terms of tidiness ASNEAT
Order specification SIZE
Ottoman Empire founder OSMAN
Playable kid in the Super Smash Bros. games NESS
Popular takeout option THAI
Predictable result of a choir's Barry White singing contest? THESOPRANOSLOST
Pride : lion :: knot : ___ TOAD
Profit column figure NETSALES
Property interest LIEN
Resound ECHO
River through Spain EBRO
Snorty ride STEED
Specialist M.D.s ENTS
Sporty ride, informally VETTE
Striped blue balls TENS
Style ELAN
Suffix similar to -ess ENNE
Teachers of the dharma LAMAS
The boss of OVER
Things many people work on all day long DESKS
Those, in Quito ESOS
Tips for a shoeshiner TOES
Totally trounced ATEALIVE
What to do if you want to win bar trivia? GETSMARTFRIENDS
Yellow creature in a series of hit animated films MINION
___ monster GILA