The Sun - Two Speed - May 27 2020

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Clues Answers
A little lower? CALF
Ace location in boulevard AVENUE
Appliance at store exploded TOASTER
Bear brings death to Yorkshire river ENDURE
Beast retiring with broken toe COYOTE
Bloke to become cracked CHAP
Bread browner TOASTER
Charity donation incentive GIFTAID
Crime stealing power from clergyman ARSON
Curve ARC
Disgrace STIGMA
Drive mile out to secure parking IMPEL
Fellow CHAP
Female money mentioned DOE
Fire-raising ARSON
Fleet applies pressure in attack RAPID
Hit gently then hard - that's the way PATH
Insubstantial ETHEREAL
Jockey's mount RACEHORSE
Leave moggy I love in vehicle VACATION
Light in shade there alive ETHEREAL
Line from popular campaign ARC
Man's man? ISLANDER
Clues Answers
Moving quickly RAPID
Non-believer witnessing crime ATHEIST
Pit worker nursing sick designer MILLINER
Prairie wolf COYOTE
Present help in tax recovery scheme GIFTAID
River enters sea by a harbour MARINA
River mouth ESTUARY
Route PATH
Runner in botched research inhales oxygen RACEHORSE
Saint corrupted Magi - shame STIGMA
Samoan, e.g ISLANDER
She-rabbit or deer DOE
Singer from Carshalton ALTO
Sort of English inlet ESTUARY
Standing makes you nervous ONEDGE
Submarine potentially about UBOAT
Tennis point ADVANTAGE
Tense or anxious ONEDGE
Tree-lined street AVENUE
VAT agenda tweaked benefit ADVANTAGE
Voice below soprano ALTO
Withstand ENDURE
Wolf Pack member UBOAT
Yacht haven MARINA
Young cow CALF