- May 25 2020

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Clues Answers
''Famous Potatoes'' state IDAHO
''Moving right __ . . .'' ALONG
''Without further __ . . .'' ADO
''Words like this'': Abbr ITAL
Attire GARB
Auto's __ view mirror REAR
Award for a top team athlete: Abbr MVP
Bank robbery, informally HEIST
Boxing match locale ARENA
Bratty backtalk SASS
By way of, on an itinerary VIA
By-mouth ORAL
Cart for transporting topsoil WHEELBARROW
Closely monitored hosp. ward ICU
Container used for moistening seeds WATERINGCAN
Cutting wood SAWING
Demonstrate SHOW
Extremely impressed INAWE
Fight against, as temptation RESIST
Formal supper DINNER
Futuristic story genre SCIFI
Good physical strength VIGOR
Guy writing press releases, for short PRMAN
Hand protectors while planting GARDENINGGLOVES
Hatchlings' home NEST
Hawaiian dance HULA
Head of a corporation: Abbr CEO
Home's interior design DECOR
Identical SAME
Info obtained by a 62 Down, for short INTEL
Instruct a class TEACH
Jewelry on a finger RING
Lake bird LOON
Left the house WENT
Light on a table LAMP
Long firearm RIFLE
Mail routing abbr ATTN
Minor lies FIBS
Moseys along AMBLES
Clues Answers
Moth as an infant LARVA
Mouse's larger cousin RAT
No longer moving ATREST
Nut in Southern pies PECAN
Pigpen STY
Pointy missiles thrown in pubs DARTS
Prefix meaning ''one'' MONO
Radar screen flash BLIP
Reduced-price events SALES
Repetitive learning method ROTE
River associated with Shakespeare AVON
Room cooler with blades FAN
Secret agent SPY
Ship's distress call SOS
Short memos NOTES
Short opinion piece ESSAY
Stare at OGLE
Subtle glow AURA
Sugar amts TSPS
Twist-off bottle tops CAPS
Ultimatum ending ORELSE
Underwater tracking device SONAR
Used up, as cash SPENT
V-shaped cut in wood NOTCH
Vehicles coasting on snow SLEDS
Venetian blind piece SLAT
Voting coalitions BLOCS
Was obligated OWED
When planes are due in: Abbr ETAS
Whitish gemstone OPAL
Wicked EVIL
Wicked deed SIN
Winnie-__-Pooh THE
Works much too hard SLAVES
Zodiac sign of the Twins GEMINI
__ Bauer (clothing store chain) EDDIE
__ for (chooses) OPTS
__ lady (girl) YOUNG