Universal - May 23 2020

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Clues Answers
"Fetch the Bolt Cutters" singer Apple FIONA
"I am so frustrated!" GRR
"___ do we eat?" WHEN
*1990 Laura Dern film about love on the run WILDATHEART
*Fallout from the 1919 World Series BLACKSOXSCANDAL
*Photo seeker's alternative to Google BINGIMAGESEARCH
Actress Peeples NIA
All-inclusive ATOZ
Alluring SEXY
Animated image in a tweet GIF
Arthur ___ Stadium ASHE
Atmospheric layer OZONE
Bit of mischief ANTIC
Branch of Buddhism ZEN
Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
Carpentry machine LATHE
Chutney fruit MANGO
Clumsy sort OAF
Corner PC key ESC
Craggy peaks (SORT anagram) TORS
Dearie HON
Disneyland shuttle TRAM
Either "Wake Up Little Susie" singer EVERLY
Examine closely EYE
Far from passionate STOIC
Flower ring LEI
Gal of "Wonder Woman 1984" GADOT
Gently persuade COAX
Great benefit BOON
Hawaiian "thank you" MAHALO
Hawaiian porch LANAI
Hearty laugh ROAR
Hydrogen's atomic number ONE
It's taken in class ATTENDANCE
James Bond novelist Fleming IAN
Just slightly ATAD
Kitchen cubing gadget DICER
Large selfie snapper IPAD
Letter-shaped "Star Wars" spacecraft XWING
Clues Answers
Like a Frappuccino ICED
Like endive and kale LEAFY
Made stuff up LIED
Mailed away SENTOFF
Message with emojis, maybe TEXT
Michelle, to Barack WIFE
Morgan or Trebek ALEX
Not kind MEAN
Offer for sale VEND
Old-fashioned preposition UNTO
Opposite of "Stay!" COME
Oscar winner Mahershala ALI
Parasitic sucker LEECH
Parenthetical comment ASIDE
Penn who played Kumar KAL
Penny-___ (insignificant) ANTE
Pickle flavoring DILL
Primed for action ALERT
Promotional quote on a book jacket BLURB
Rebounding sound ECHO
Salon coloring DYE
Solitary LONE
Stare open-mouthed GAWK
Steadied a crossbow AIMED
Sweet treat at a social TEACAKE
Teachers' org NEA
Thanos, to the Avengers ENEMY
Thrown for a loop FAZED
Triathlon vehicle BICYCLE
Trustworthy LOYAL
Unconventional ODD
Unexpected and welcome bonus, and a hint to the starred answers' starts CHERRYONTOP
Upholstered footstool OTTOMAN
Upscale German auto BMW
Volunteer at a Red Cross drive BLOODDONOR
Where South Korea is ASIA
___ Grey tea EARL
___ listening (mellow music genre) EASY