The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8285

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Clues Answers
African country EGYPT
Award for loss COMPENSATION
Be worthy of; speed RATE
Cricket official UMPIRE
Disease-carrying fly TSETSE
Eg, Moscow native RUSSIAN
European language FRENCH
Extreme beauty and delicacy EXQUISITENESS
Finishes ENDS
Greek dish MOUSSAKA
Hirsute HAIRY
Kitchen drier tea cloth
Clues Answers
Large sea OCEAN
Owl's cry tu-whit tu-whoo
Ruffle (the hair) TOUSLE
Sits (for artists) POSES
Slenderly built SLIM
Small increases UPTICKS
Suppose without evidence SURMISE
Sweet Hungarian wine TOKAY
Unctuous OILY
Womankind (often patronising) fair sex
Work for eight OCTET