USA Today - Jul 16 2020

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Clues Answers
'. . . and so forth' (Abbr.) ETC
'. . . approximately' ORSO
'I've heard enough!' TMI
'Monsoon Wedding' director Mira NAIR
'Oh, got it now' ISEE
'Thank goodness!' PHEW
'___ no use!' ITS
Acceptable OKAY
Adjusts using a dial, perhaps SETS
Angry monologue RANT
Arbor Day planting TREE
Bakery appliance OVEN
Big burden to bear HEAVYLOAD
Big name in pens BIC
Builder's detail, for short SPEC
Campus mil. group ROTC
Dead-end routines RUTS
Device for detecting underwater objects SONAR
Dwelled LIVED
Enjoy LIKE
Evergreen plants with stiff, spiky leaves YUCCAS
Express strong emotions VENT
Fabric with small holes EYELET
Face-off DUEL
First-class AONE
Flexible Flyer vehicle SLED
Fully attentive ALERT
Get really excited or mad GOAPE
Grilled sandwich with Italian bread PANINI
Hailed vehicle CAB
Job title abbr ASST
Job title abbr PRES
Lake west of Buffalo ERIE
Like a compass needle MAGNETIC
Lion's sound ROAR
Major artery AORTA
Make ready PREP
Clues Answers
Mention as a reference CITE
Mind-reading letters ESP
More frosty ICIER
Nonkosher sandwiches BLTS
Notable time periods ERAS
Number with a dollar sign PRICE
People whose flag features a black circle divided into quadrants with a black dot in each HOPI
Person from Belgrade or Kragujevac SERB
Physicals, e.g EXAMS
Portended BODED
Prefix for 'dynamic' AERO
Puts into piles, say SORTS
Rawls or King of golf BETSY
Reason to get a new ID card NAMECHANGE
Ridicules ROASTS
Ruler of old Russia TSAR
Salt source SEA
Send as payment REMIT
Set of blanks on 'Wheel of Fortune' WORD
Sign before Virgo LEO
Slips from cashiers RECEIPTS
Some monthly mail UTILITYBILLS
Splinter groups SECTS
Spot for an earring LOBE
Squeak remover OIL
Suffix suggesting smallness ETTE
Take a trip TRAVEL
Taken by mouth ORAL
Test for an MBA applicant GRE
Tiger marking STRIPE
Tool for tilling HOE
Toothed tool RAKE
TV star Roman TAMI
Typo-catching feature SPELLCHECK
Unit counted for graduation COURSECREDIT
Unit of computer memory BYTE
Wood for old piano keys EBONY
Wrath IRE