USA Today - Jul 6 2020

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Clues Answers
'All kidding ___ . . .' ASIDE
'Amanpour & Company' network PBS
'Downton Abbey' title LADY
'If life has ___ that it stands upon . . .' (Woolf) ABASE
Aviary residents BIRDS
Baby food, often PUREE
Boring thing SNORE
Bowlful in Brazil ACAI
Bread with a pocket PITA
Capital of Norway OSLO
Compete like Eliud Kipchoge RUN
Confuse ADDLE
Contents of gloves HANDS
Cook-off dish CHILI
Core belief TENET
Desert water source OASIS
Device for texting PHONE
Difficulty's opposite EASE
Dish with croutons, perhaps SALAD
Drink slowly SIP
Drop in the mail SEND
Edinburgh young'un LAD
Edinburgher, e.g SCOT
Feature of Rome's Pantheon DOME
Female ___ (film theory concept) GAZE
Flamenco shout OLE
Frozen drink brand ICEE
Gets some mileage out of USES
Give the impression of being SEEM
Go the distance LAST
Have the biggest role STAR
It turns litmus paper red ACID
Key in computer combinations CTRL
Like some streets and radios TWOWAY
Make an exact copy of CLONE
Make use of hip boots WADE
Makes a failed attempt SWINGSANDMISSES
Mouth off to SASS
Clues Answers
Not fail PASS
Not feel so hot AIL
Novice, informally NOOB
Old-school presentation aids SLIDEPROJECTORS
On-___ inspection SITE
One of four on a fork, usually TINE
Pepper's partner SALT
Physics model for neutrino masses SEESAWMECHANISM
Plaza payment TOLL
Pleasant scent AROMA
Plum, after dehydrating PRUNE
Poem of praise ODE
Poetry's counterpart PROSE
Privy to INON
Punctual TIMELY
Quartet on a car TIRES
Second-largest branch of Islam SHIA
Sequoia National Park sight TREE
Shock and dismay APPALL
Skewered treat with peanut sauce SATAY
Stage items PROPS
Stickers on license plates TAGS
Stole or boa WRAP
Summary DIGEST
Summer camp vessel CANOE
Swarm of people HORDE
The 'A' in SATB ALTO
Throws in ADDS
Toe the line OBEY
Top grade APLUS
Trickle slowly OOZE
Unpleasant scents ODORS
Vein underground LODE
Villain voiced by Chiwetel Ejiofor in 2019's 'The Lion King' SCAR
What a sheep says BAA
Word before 'sheet' or 'script' SPEC
___ Grimes ('The Walking Dead' character) LORI
___ Mahal TAJ
___ raisin ice cream RUM