USA Today - Jul 5 2020

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Clues Answers
'Anything ___?' ELSE
'Child's play!' EASY
'I have no ___!' IDEA
'If only . . .' ALAS
'Rumour Has It' singer ADELE
'Wee-ooh-wee-ooh' source SIREN
'Wheel of Fortune' star White VANNA
'Yeah, right' OHSURE
'___ Mexico!' VIVA
Actress Essence ATKINS
Air problem SMOG
Avoids a subject, perhaps SKIPSCLASS
Breakfast food that might be rolled OATS
Bumbling sort OAF
Chews the fat GABS
Chop down HEW
Climbing plants IVIES
Disruptive blog visitor TROLL
Division of a play ACT
Face parts JAWS
Fairy tale beast OGRE
Feel the same AGREE
Fingernail shape OVAL
Finished OVER
Followed an eating regimen DIETED
Fragrant blossom used in some green teas JASMINEFLOWER
Great misery WOE
Hatchling's sanctuary NEST
Host of an annual May gala THEMET
In real time LIVE
Indonesian island JAVA
Invalidate VOID
Jogging pace TROT
Knotted accessories TIES
Kodiak and grizzly, e.g BROWNBEARS
Like a center in the WNBA TALL
Like small chances SLIM
Loafs around IDLES
Clues Answers
Minty drink JULEP
Molecule part ATOM
Movie backdrop SET
Nice way of remembering something FONDLY
Not mention OMIT
Office subs TEMPS
Old mattress problem SAG
On the ___ (fleeing) LAM
Pack for a copier REAM
People with very dark makeup, often GOTHS
Portable bed COT
Potpourri container SACHET
Poutine bit CURD
Problems ILLS
Relay segment LEG
Rice accompaniment BEANS
Sale offerings DEALS
Savings plan initials IRA
Slips up ERRS
Some magazine pages ADS
Sound system component AMP
Swarming collective HIVE
Tackle a bunny slope SKI
Tanning salon fixtures BEDS
Target for some beetles ELM
Tendency to steal STICKYFINGERS
The Pleistocene Epoch, e.g ICEAGE
Throw high LOB
Touch affectionately CARESS
Undomesticated beast WILDANIMAL
Unwise undertaking FOLLY
Veggie with tough stems KALE
Wise ones SAGES
Yellowstone Park grazer ELK
Young children INFANTS
___ Prince (Wonder Woman's alter ego) DIANA
___-cap stocks MID
___-purpose (having two uses) DUAL