The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27668

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Clues Answers
American doing bodywork’s talked of additional painting MORTICIAN
Angry motorist may give off stink! HONK
Another thing entirely, indeed, involving guerrilla army resistance a far cry
Authoritarian deputy ran the shows TYRANT
Cheers enveloping Irish after clinching a triple crown TIARA
Extraordinarily, achieves first in geography — follow that! give chase
Famous Red Square building’s fourth from the right LENIN
Father gets new warning SIREN
Grounded winger with United after end of season NANDU
Is inclined to go after success — lots available to offers? hit lists
It follows higher course to start with? SOUP
Landlord to observe in secret INNKEEPER
Old journalist’s vitality, say, returning on vacation PEPYS
Page from battered Hello devoured by bachelor quietly BELLHOP
Patience maybe displayed by manager in firm with rising ambition comic opera
Clues Answers
Play part with inner energy note to the end Peer Gynt
Poet’s eye in the end caught by two antelopes ORIBI
Prefect’s companion very keen to seize the day Arthur Dent
Profit about to go up cash in
Reason for buoyancy in floodgate, set loose with force feel-good factor
Record only small tunes again READJUSTS
Reserve shown by old company head ICINESS
Shocking reminder that keeps army officer at home JOLTING
Smoother and sounder without ultimate in bland drivel SANDPAPER
Something held against conflict that’s dragged on peace pipe
Superior points he passed on by mistake SNOBBISH
The girl, alas, in retreat, letting out the odd cry AARGH
Void seen after dizzying plunge NOSEDIVE
Welshman maybe removing hat, revealing ear? ORGAN
What’s coming off a track as a result of cracks? canned laughter