Canadiana - May 18 2020

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Clues Answers
1101, to Caesar MCI
Abraham, for short ABE
Accounting designation CA
Adolescent TEEN
Alternatively OR
Amateur athletics org AAU
Arab Org UAR
Area measure ACRE
Be obligated OWE
Below Trois Pistoles BIC
Blemished ACNED
Bomber's bane FLAK
Branch ARM
By Joe Batt's Arm FOGO
Calendar ref FRI
Canadian forces battle-field CAEN
Close by Nail Pond TIGNISH
Concerning, in legalese INRE
Condensation DEW
Convict, Clifford OLSON
Divest RID
Extinguished OUT
Ford prod MERC
General Electric, for short GE
Gretzky, e.g PRO
Grow food FARM
Hard by Barachois SHEDIAC
Hockey's Sid ABEL
House servants, in India AMAHS
Irish Republic EIRE
Israeli dance HORA
Italian city LECCO
Joiner's cry? METOO
Kind of tree YEW
Lamb's dam EWE
Clues Answers
London Square SOHO
Lyric poem ODE
Middle East spiritualist MAHDI
N.Z. timber tree RIMU
Neighbour of Bede NAPINKA
Neighbour of Nev ARIZ
Newton, for one ISAAC
Nielson, e.g ERIC
No Clue OLIO
North of Oroville OSOYOOS
Obilovitch, to some OBIE
On Ribstone Creek CZAR
Promissory note IOU
Puck's destination NET
Putrid VILE
Retirement fund, for short RIF
Rhode Island, abbr RI
Romantic Sask. place name LOVE
Royal monogram ER
Scot's moniker IAN
Scrimped ECED
Sea food ROE
Sheepish remark? BAA
Sighs of contentment AAHS
Stops the horse WHOA
That is, for short IE
Thing of value ASSET
West of Drumbo EMBRO
Wig, to some RUG
___Grand Orange LE
___is it! THIS
____Murray MA