The Sun - Two Speed - May 18 2020

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Clues Answers
1865 assassin in cubicle BOOTH
1966 captain Bobby MOORE
Almost unrestricted speed in run OPERATE
Amusing DROLL
Basin BOWL
Black bird in wood BOWL
Civic dignitary ALDERMAN
Column almost collapsed: one fills gap LOCUM
Decision to use phone CALL
Dog tag? FIDO
Dog with a sore throat? HUSKY
Drummer in boozer in Godalming RINGO
Embrace worries son CARESS
Escapade CAPER
Excessive NEEDLESS
Function OPERATE
Garment unique bought at last SINGLET
Gene moved around in motor ENGINE
Generic pooch FIDO
Gentle touch CARESS
Graduate cut into amount in account BALANCE
Hoarse HUSKY
Hotel in pleasant position NICHE
Irish wailer BANSHEE
Join forces? ENLIST
Kitchen unfinished on ship GALLEON
Lad never changes colour LAVENDER
Clues Answers
Locomotive ENGINE
Native soil HOMELAND
Neat recipes for cooking PRECISE
Old he-man trained in birthplace HOMELAND
Old song about duke and duchess? LADY
Overcharge for coat FLEECE
Pale purple LAVENDER
Peeress LADY
Provocation on ship not desired NEEDLESS
Rebellious as well, ordered south LAWLESS
Recruit ENLIST
Restructured eastern firm EARNEST
Richard Starkey RINGO
Sailing vessel GALLEON
Scheme getting primate into credit CAPER
Senior citizen brings tree to isle ALDERMAN
Shallow recess NICHE
Sheepskin FLEECE
Stand-in doctor LOCUM
Summon CALL
Witty nobleman reversed line DROLL
Woman in torment shows spirit BANSHEE
World Cup skipper further discussed MOORE