Irish Times (Crosaire) - May 18 2020

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Clues Answers
A Bandon lover gets to check out Matt heading off with that man and most of those in 12 across LEAVEATTHEALTAR
A barman taken in by landlord's agreement is the type that's bound to be hired LEASABLE
A huge amount in park for The Boss, the lead from Oasis and Queen in Los Angeles PLETHORA
Batter? It's suet but it's a replacement! SUBSTITUTE
Bond's keen to take off the weekends WEDS
Dealer in the docks supplies club with stock primarily for readies CHANDLER
Denied out of hand? Really! INDEED
Describes Garda with blonde hair locally - you got me there? AFAIRCOP
Ends embargo around island business - what's the chances of that? ODDS
Father English getting head right in Denver order REVEREND
Fleeces for gents and women switched WOOL
Flighty types tend to have to pay for these outrageous acts EXCESSES
Frank and Rex not in card index CANDID
Her work is bound to be read by the bookmaker AUTHOR
Clues Answers
In my book, the forecasters will read something into these LEAVES
Leaderless country opens railway stations to places of worship ALTARS
Marshalling Cuban riots in controlled medical environments INCUBATORS
On the off chance both sides do it without repeating it ONCE
One of the loafers is sloshed - dropping LSD? SHOE
Overall strategy of Frenchman - a relative of Daisy's found on Trim board MASTERPLAN
Part of church/state reform! ALTER
Protects pupil going to HSE for first aid? And, that's between us and our neighbours! IRISHSEA
Relative backtracks on financial gambles for those looking for escapism ADVENTURES
Set off from Belfast with spare tyre FLAB
Sick? And hence improved! ENHANCED
Straight man loses sight of what gets repeated MANTRA
The Spanish father in Rome loses the head leading strike and, for Union reasons, splits with girlfriend ELOPES
Turns up, a fair amount of the menu during a period of abstinence produced by Subway TUNNEL