The Washington Post Sunday - May 17 2020

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Clues Answers
'A Festivus for the ___ of us' ('Seinfeld' line) REST
'Dracula' director Browning TOD
'I s'pose I won't' NAH
'Later,' at the Louvre ADIEU
'Les' means it THE
'Lines ___ now open' ARE
'Lola' actress Anouk AIMEE
'Rock Swings' singer Paul ANKA
'Slippery' specimens ELMS
'Swang' duo ___ Sremmurd RAE
'They'll ___ the day!' RUE
'Would you let me take a crack at it?' MAYITRY
'You and ___ Army?' (Radiohead song) WHOSE
'___ to Pity' (Jane Austen poem) ODE
1973 song by the Pointer Sisters with a message about the need to come together YESWECANCAN
Accumulated STOREDUP
Accustoms INURES
Adjust, as a thermostat SET
Attain GET
Attempt to grab, as metaphorical straws GRASPAT
Author's conception PLOT
Ballroom dance spelled out by the last letters of this puzzle's dances ONESTEP
Bank account report STATEMENT
Beer brand sold in Springfield DUFF
Being employed INUSE
Belonging to this planet EARTHLY
Belt-piercing tools AWLS
Blacken on a grill CHAR
Bounded LEAPED
Brand of candy cups REESES
Brian with an album named after 120 Down ENO
Bryn Mawr College's bird mascot OWL
Bus. designation INC
Butter knife, e.g UTENSIL
Call of the child MAMA
Cartographic creation ATLAS
Center of a propeller HUB
Champagne bottle name MOET
Coat checked by a vet FUR
Comedian Catherine TATE
Compulsory contributions to the IRS TAXES
Consultants' charges FEES
Continue to be unresolved REMAININLIMBO
Cooking appliance RANGE
Cup fraction: Abbr TSP
Devices full of notes ATMS
Dirty quarters STY
Discontinued Apple product that could hold many tracks IPODSHUFFLE
Enjoys oneself HASFUN
Extra-income activity that may have started as a passion project SIDEHUSTLE
Fairy tale opener ONCE
Fish with a long snout GAR
Flanders of literature MOLL
Fodder repository SILO
Free from peril SAFE
Fruit grown on a vine MELON
Gentle wind ZEPHYR
Glass composition ARIA
Goes back (to) REVERTS
Golden ratio symbol PHI
H as in Homer ETA
Hairdo often held together with bobby pins FRENCHTWIST
Handles, as final details MOPSUP
Has significance MATTERS
Hawk in a shop PEDDLE
He helped many people find the meaning of 'life' WEBSTER
Highland hats, and an anagram of 68 Across TAMS
Insect in an apiary BEE
Invited to one's house ASKEDOVER
It has altered DNA GMO
Clues Answers
It might be hit on a missed long field goal CROSSBAR
Journey for Journey all over the globe, say WORLDTOUR
Leonine friend of Timon and Pumbaa SIMBA
Lickety-split, initially ASAP
Light measurement LUX
Like a banged-up fender DENTED
Like scathing reviews HARSH
Like some winks SLY
Like Texas hold 'em betting at some poker tournaments NOLIMIT
Links warning FORE
Major 112 Across export OIL
Make some noise YELL
Marner of a George Eliot novel SILAS
Massive messes SNAFUS
Metropolitan URBAN
Monster that 'met' Bambi in a 1969 short film GODZILLA
MSNBC alternative CNN
Nasty sort MEANIE
NBA channel on cable TNT
No-longer-current currency of Capri LIRA
Nonprofit offering 'The Total Dog Manual' and 'The Total Cat Manual' for potential owners ADOPTAPET
Not at all ordinary RARE
Novelist Ferrante ELENA
Obsolescent device like the IBM Simon, e.g PDA
One in a family tree SON
One looking after sisters ABBESS
Opposite of an ally ENEMY
Org. with power plays NHL
Origins of species? SEEDS
Pace before a race TROT
Paladin's pointy pole LANCE
Palestinian Authority president of the 1990s ARAFAT
Part of a dress shirt CUFF
Particularly proper PRIM
Period with few pieces ENDGAME
Polynesian women WAHINES
Ponder MULL
Pontificate ORATE
Possessed by that bloke HIS
Question about drafts WHATSONTAP
Rainbow, e.g ARC
Result of promotion HYPE
Robin 'hood? GOTHAM
Running the engine while sitting still INIDLE
See 23 Across COP
Share an edge with ABUT
Site of Oklahoma's Mayfest arts festival TULSA
Slowly, for a soprano LENTO
Small splashing sound PLOP
Smiling may reveal them TEETH
Spinning AWHIRL
Stick firmly (to) ADHERE
Stingray relatives MANTAS
Stylistically appropriate TASTEFUL
Subjects of Rebecca Traister's book 'Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women's Anger' FEMINISTS
Sultanate not in OPEC OMAN
Takes the L, in slang EATSIT
They may be mobile HOMES
Through UNTIL
Tran Quoc Pagoda city HANOI
Trivia website with an Amazing Fact Generator MENTALFLOSS
Uncle of Enoch and Enos ABEL
Wallach of 'Ace High' ELI
Where to find a speaker at a political rally? AMP
Wind instrument not played by blowing through the mouth NOSEFLUTE
With 71 Across, intimidating interrogator BAD
Wrapped quantity of hay BALE
Wrapping brand SARAN
___ Baba ALI
___ facto IPSO