Wall Street Journal - May 16 2020 - Roadblocks

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Clues Answers
“I Loves You, Porgy” singer BESS
“Luncheon of the Boating Party” painter RENOIR
“West Side Story” song MARIA
“___ Misérables” LES
“___ So Fine” HES
Academy Awards word BEST
Accompanying party at a party PLUSONE
Almost ready for release INBETA
Amateurs don’t get it SALARY
Ancient region south of the Dead Sea EDOM
Attack pointedly STAB
Attuned INSYNC
Available ONCALL
Avoid disturbing LEAVEBE
Away from the wind ALEE
Bell sound TING
Big name in cameras and lenses LEICA
Blanket over Pompeii ASH
Burdened by debt INAHOLE
Cal. column THUR
Cal. column FRI
Capitals star Eller LARS
Cardigan combo TWINSET
Catchy pitches SPIELS
Cause for failure STRESS
Chi follower PSI
Chorus of dissent NOS
Class that’s for the birds AVES
Classic lab assistant name IGOR
Closet feature SHELF
Club hits, often REMIXES
Co-star of the film “American Beauty” and TV show “American Woman” MENASUV
Combines with heat FUSES
Corp. engineering honcho CTO
Dance’s Tharp TWYLA
Defiant response to an order MAKEME
Drops by the ocean MIST
Eda who wrote “It’s Better to Be Over the Hill Than Under It” LESHAN
Enter stealthily SLINKIN
Even the slightest ANY
Floribunda plants ROSEBUS
Formal response to “Who’s there?” ITISI
Former frosh SOPH
Forrest Gump’s shrimp-loving pal BUBBA
Future reporter SEER
Game whose name is shouted during play UNO
Geologist’s time unit ERA
Geologist’s time unit EON
Gillette brand SENSOR
Go like all get-out HIE
Good ___ (fixed) ASNEW
Goof ERR
Grab greedily SNAPUP
Gracefully slim LITHE
Green of “Casino Royale” EVA
Gryffindor’s Minerva McGonagall, e.g HOUSEMI
Hero aided by the monkey king Sugriva RAMA
High competition AIRRACE
Home of the highest and lowest points on land ASIA
Icons and such SACREDART
Important wires on bicycles BRAKECAB
Inner burning ULCER
Insurer named for a volcano AETNA
It runs down your leg INSEAM
Lake Pontchartrain’s city, for short NOLA
Large part d’un cyclope OEIL
Leg, in old slang GAM
Library reprimand SHH
Like the deities Inti and Mama Quilla INCAN
Little rascals IMPS
Clues Answers
Liver section LOBE
Longtime Disney honcho Michael EISNER
Longtime film critic Gene SISKEL
Major attractions MECCAS
Many cricket fans INDIANS
Max or Buddy of boxing fame BAER
Mexican wraps SERAPES
Michael of “Juno” CERA
Mil. address APO
Miserably inadequate PATHETIC
Mission near the San Antonio River ALAMO
MLB execs GMS
Modern auto door opener FOB
More determined STEELIER
Not at all like little rascals ANGELIC
Occurring last month ULTIMO
Off the table, perhaps EATEN
Officer awarded the rank of General of the Army, in December 1944 DOUGLASMACAR
Old Deuteronomy or Bombalurina, for example CAT
Only name used by three 20th-century popes PIUS
Org. for caregivers AMA
Org. with a Carl Sagan Center SETI
Outcasts PARIAHS
Peach State school EMORY
Possessor of wisdom SAGE
Pressures LEANSON
Prone to back talk SASSY
Protestant martyr Hugh LATIMER
Puma feature TREAD
Radio anchor Shapiro ARI
Really bright NEON
Reference list abbr ETAL
Respected woman MATRON
Roaming about GALLIVAN
Robed govt. group SCOTUS
Rocks in a sling ICE
Rough weight of a giraffe TON
Round Table title SIR
S’more-like treat MOONPIE
Sabbath celebrator? METALHEAD
Searches that 23-, 33-, 52-, 73-, 90- and 109-Across experience TRAFFICSTOPS
Serve the coffee POUR
Shakespeare in the Park founder Joseph PAPP
She plays Frigga in “Thor” RENERUSSO
Show to be false DEBUNK
Sibs and rents, collectively FAM
Sleep signifier, in the comics ZEES
Small but important chambers ATRIA
Sock in a nursery BOOTIE
Some university employees LECTURERS
Sought permission ASKED
Southern cooking staple OKRA
Split to join ELOPE
Stands in for ACTSAS
Stretch out EXTEND
Super ___ (old gaming console) NES
Support position PRO
Symbol in an emoticon heart LESSTHAN
Tease RIB
The woman in question SHE
Unbuttered DRY
Use an axe on HEW
Vowel-shaped girders IBARS
Wavy swimmer EEL
Went first LED
Where much mail ends up TRASH
Wood-shaping tool ADZE
Words of resignation ILOSE
Work that starts “I sing of arms and the man” AENEID
Yellow striped balls NINES
Yogi’s focal point CHAKRA