The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,363 - May 14 2020

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Clues Answers
Birds fancy heading south east GEESE
Carpeted perhaps, made of strong stuff? RUGGED
Detective's certain to accept appeal for offence DISPLEASURE
Get round to eating bananas with sweetheart NEGOTIATE
Grass one found in jungle? MAIZE
Horses incapable of continuing race? GELDINGS
Interesting order noticeable in columns originally IONIC
Kicked out of sack keeping excessively upset BOOTED
Life of priest in strange order ESPRIT
Menial cop turns into officer POLICEMAN
Method is reported to produce delicious food MANNA
Mistakenly marries best man losing one's shame EMBARRASSMENT
Mugs inside stand mostly for judge again REASSESS
Nearly being in harmony squeezing old instrument ACCORDION
Clues Answers
One helps to hush up a report SILENCER
Plain couple that is welcoming affair, finally PRAIRIE
Plant worker beginning to deploy garden tool MANDRAKE
Ready to get beer right before time ALERT
Record single penned by hit Queen performer ENTERTAINER
Revealing this compiler's style's primarily tricky IMMODEST
Small number clothing small honey SWEETEN
Sort of art foundation almost inspiring amateur ORIGAMI
Strong garden tool holds ARDENT
Unkind extraordinary rendition case INCONSIDERATE
Unusually precise instructions RECIPES
Weapon going wrong held by the German DERRINGER
Who flogs beer on board? One on board SALESMAN
Work over taking sexy snap PHOTO