The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,436 - May 14 2020

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Clues Answers
Accompany someone unleashing essentially offensive language TAGALOG
Aerial gannet naturalist describes going westwards ANTENNA
American determined to retain ultimate in anonymity, until now ASYET
Area behind hotel, regularly in this state HAITI
Associate of diplomat Spain expelled ATTACH
Bag carried by pensioners at Chelsea SATCHEL
Brightness appearing as clouds started to disperse at intervals LUSTRE
Conservative tone emerging from Ely: 'Labour worried' ROYALBLUE
Convenience in vacuous employers creating division between workers HANDINESS
Delayed receiving new microwave finally, couple of months back? Hard cheese EMMENTAL
Demanding army officer must interrupt leave EXIGENT
Drunk, extremely insulting with worker, person in suit LITIGANT
Educated class composed of international talent I single out INTELLIGENTSIA
Exam scheduled before midday? That's not ethical AMORAL
Clues Answers
Fruit tree, pear, lies damaged ESPALIER
How to check light is satisfactory for cricket game? TESTMATCH
Huge size of football club, reportedly having above one million followers IMMENSITY
Most important thing about aluminium paint previously article overlooked CAPITAL
Muscle pain in this setter's bad legs I saw periodically MYALGIA
Negotiate entertainment for free TREAT
Novel requires unlimited changes to reach screen SHELTER
Over where a rat's moving, fellow encounters unknown bird MANXSHEARWATER
Pet theory oddly has to take in male first HAMSTER
Press guy feeds daily line on popular comedy star CHARLIECHAPLIN
Quietly film participant in sport PLAYER
Rejected masquerade by adult storyteller AESOP
Version of chart hit we miss making bestselling record WHITECHRISTMAS
Web designer from Switzerland managed to conceal getting outside assistance ARACHNID