The Washington Post - May 14 2020

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Clues Answers
'By all means' YES
'Here comes trouble' OHNO
'How was __ know?' ITO
'My Heart Will Go On' singer DION
'That's the spot!' AAH
'Yikes!' EEK
1954 #1 hit for the Crew-Cuts SHBOOM
2019 Coll. Football Playoffs champs LSU
Ad-__ LIB
Aficionado ADDICT
Big piece of cake? TIER
Blog harangue RANT
Breakfast brand EGGO
Cameo stone ONYX
Canine care org.? ADA
Chaney of horror LON
Choose OPT
Comedian Marc who interviewed President Obama on his podcast MARON
Conductor Solti GEORG
County in four Northeastern states ESSEX
Course load? SETOFCLUBS
Cries and cries, say GOESONAJAG
Davis of 'Grumpy Old Men' OSSIE
Enlist again REUP
Ewoks, e.g ETS
Faux __ PAS
Fig. on a badge IDNO
Fit-king link FORA
Foil relative EPEE
Gang leader on 'The Wire' MARLO
Golden yrs. fund IRA
Gp. for the troops USO
Grade refinement PLUS
Hawthorne Heights music genre EMO
HBO rival TMC
Hospital, often DONEE
Impertinent SAUCY
Clues Answers
Informed about UPON
Instrument in the intro to the Carpenters' 'For All We Know' OBOE
Like the start of four long answers, vis-à-vis its answer? NOTFITFORTHEJOB
Madison Ave. guys ADMEN
Make one's spirits last? NURSEADRINK
Matters of opinion POLLS
Maven PRO
Mideast mogul EMIR
Monkey named for a mythical Greek king RHESUS
More elegant FINER
More than a glance GAZE
Movie studio roller DOLLY
Munch Museum city OSLO
Musician Brian ENO
Naysaying ANTI
Nod off DOZE
Nodding off, maybe ABED
Nota __ BENE
One-liner GAG
Part of a foot ARCH
Political contest RACE
Pub customer's usual, say ORDER
Queen dowager of Jordan NOOR
Relaxed ATEASE
Short cut? SNIP
Sticker at a bar? DART
Strengthen, with 'up' BEEF
Takes public transport, slangily BUSESIT
Transform MORPH
Tribute in stanzas ODE
Use the airbrush, say DOCTORAPHOTO
Wasteland HEATH
What a karaoke performer may do BUTCHERASONG
What April has that no other month does ANI
Wide divide CHASM
Work out specific strategy TAILORAPLAN
__ garden ZEN
__ Hayes, 'The Mod Squad' role LINC
__ interface USER